Pouncey Family Reunion

Mike Pouncey remembers very well the last time the Miami Dolphins faced the Pittsburgh Steelers. The teams faced each other on Oct. 24, 2010 at Sun Life Stadium when Pouncey was a senior at the University of Florida and his twin brother Maurkice was a rookie starting at center for the Steelers.

"I was in the stands with a Steelers jersey on," Pouncey recalled with a laugh. "That's a long time ago. But it went by so fast. I was laughing with my brother about it. That was one of my first NFL games I ever went to and I was actually cheering against the team I play on. It was weird."

The Pouncey twins are both in the NFL now, and their teams will be facing off this weekend at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.

Maurkice won't be in uniform Sunday because his season ended in the first quarter of the season opener when he sustained a torn ACL in a loss against the Tennessee Titans.

But that doesn't mean the Pounceys won't be enjoying their family reunion.

"It's going to be fun," Mike Pouncey said Friday. "Our family is going to be there still. We're still going to do our pregame stuff that we had planned. He's going to take care of the offensive line. We're going to have an O-line dinner at his house when we land. It's going to be a good weekend."

As for the menu, Pouncey indicated the choice already has been made.

"We did Capital Grille," Pouncey said. "We ordered from there. You know linemen gotta eat steak."

Mike Pouncey will be able to enjoy his steak because he's over the gall bladder issue that made him lose 15 pounds and caused him to miss two games.

Maurkice wasn't so lucky, and his season-ending injury was something that hit his brother hard.

"You always want to see your brother playing," Mike said. "I hate that he's going through what he's going through this year, but he's a tough dude. He's just rehabbing right now as a captain on that football team. So he's still up there every day with those guys. It's just going to be fun to go up there and see him and finally get to play against his football team."

Maurkice's injury will end a string of three consecutive Pro Bowl invitations in his first three seasons in the NFL. Mike hasn't been to the Pro Bowl yet, but he's nonetheless considered among the upper-echelon players at his position.

The Pounceys have made it a habit of critiquing each other's game tape and sharing information and advice.

There has been none of that this week, though.

"He didn't give me any tips," Mike said. "He has a lot of loyalty to his football team and these guys. We just keep it to the basics, just our friendship. He doesn't give me any tips and I definitely ain't giving him none."

Make no mistake, this is a game that Mike Pouncey badly wants to win.

First, the Dolphins need to keep winning to help their chances to earning a playoff spot. But there's also bragging rights at stake.

"It would be the first time I beat at something if we do beat them," Mike said.

"It wouldn't matter if it was hot, cold, we know how important this football game is. We're going to go out there with the right mind-set. This is a one-game season for us from here on out. We'll be ready."

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