Tannehill Talking Points

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has been on a roll over the last few weeks as he quietly puts together an impressive second NFL season. Days before the important game at Buffalo, Tannehill held his weekly press conference and touched a variety of topics.

Here is the team-released transcript of Tannehill's press conference:

On why the team is successful in 2 minute drill: "I think that's true, we do practice it a lot and that obviously helps. Guys are stepping up and making plays. I think that's the biggest thing. If you look at the plays that are being made in those situations, the catches, the blocks that are being made, that's what drives the success."

On what does 4,000 yards passing mean to him: "It doesn't mean a whole lot. What matters is what we do the next two games and beyond that, winning."

On if they're planning on adding anything to stop the Buffalo pass rush: "Well we know they have a good pass rush, a very good front all around, guys that play the run well and get after the quarterback. We're going to have to be good upfront. They got after us a little bit in the second half last game. They know that, we know that. It's just going to be a battle of man versus man and who can win that."

On his decrease of turnovers over the last few weeks: "I think just taking better care of the ball, making better decisions, learning from mistakes I think that's a big part of it. I try not to make the same mistake twice; the same bad throw twice that and the good coaching around me. The coaches are putting me in situations where I can succeed."

On what he remembers from the first Bills game: "Well obviously two turnovers in the first two drives or three drives or whatever it was…can't do that. They're a good defense, they swam to the ball and play hard. It's going to be a good challenge for us."

On if he feels like his play is coming together: "Yes, I feel comfortable. I think the guys around me are really stepping up as well and that's what I think drives my numbers to be better is the guys around me making plays."

On if he remembers the last Dolphins v. Buffalo game in Buffalo: "In Buffalo? No, I don't remember that one as vividly. Obviously, I remember situations from the game but a new defense so we're not going back and looking at that tape or anything."

On his comfort level with the left side of the O-line: "They're doing a good job. The offensive line in general has kept me off the ground, given me time to throw which has given us a lot of success. Especially like you said the left side. Two new pieces that I think Bryant (McKinnie) really has the offense down now and (Sam) Brenner is several games in now as well so he is feeling good."

On if he feels that he's linked to Coach Philbin: "You guys can judge us I guess. Obviously, we're linked together. He's my coach, he's who I play for. As long as we're together in the same organization then of course we'll be linked."

On if there is an extra sense of pride beating the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick: "I don't really think of it as duos at all. I think of it as teams. We have a lot of respect for the Patriots and what they've done in the past 10 years. That's just one game in this season and yes we felt great about it on Monday, but Tuesday came and we're already getting ready for the Bills."

On if Mike Wallace is open on every play: "Of course (laughing)."

On why he doesn't throw it to him on every play: "You have to spread the ball around."

On what specifically is Tyson Clabo doing better: "I'm not an O-line coach so I can't get into fundamentals or details. He's not getting beat obviously and he's run blocking well to go along with good pass blocking. Obviously, I don't know O-line fundamentals but he's keeping guys away from me and he's doing a great job of that."

On if he's feeling more secure in the pocket: "Yes, I think so. It's natural I think when you're being protected more, being given a little more time. Building that confidence, receivers knowing that I'm going to have an extra half second, second, whatever it may be. Myself, feeling comfortable to go through second and third, maybe not having to force it to that first guy. It plays a big part in our offense."

On if the "1-0" signs help keep the players focused on the one game: "I don't think you need signs to tell you, but as humans you're naturally drawing cues from your environment and if you see it every day it hits your brain that many times a day. It's a mindset I think we'd have regardless but seeing those signs up constantly, even subconsciously just glancing at those signs as you walk through the building I think creates that mentality."

On if there is a chance the team would take Buffalo lightly: "No, I don't think so at all. We have a lot of respect obviously we lost to them earlier this year and that's reality. We're not taking this game lightly at all we understand, especially the offense that's how I think of things. They have a good defense, they have playmakers. A good front, opportunistic secondary that will pick off a pass if it's there. There is no relaxing form an offensive perspective."

On why the team doesn't run the hurry up offense more: "I don't know, you'd have to ask Coach (Mike) Sherman that. Obviously, the tempo of the game plays a lot into that. If you're in a hurry up and you go three and out then your defense is right back on the field. I think there is a balance of finding when to use it and not to use it. We'd like for our regular offense to be good as well and it has been at certain times. I think we just need to be good at it when we're in those situations and then fix the things that we need to fix in normal downs, normal tempo situations."

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