Pouncey Talks Jets

Center Mike Pouncey talked to Jets writers this week to discuss the rematch on Sunday, a game that could hold the Dolphins' ticket to a return to the playoffs.

Here is a transcript of Pouncey's comments:

On why the Dolphins offense was successful against the Jets highly ranked defense in the first game: "We ran the ball very well against them the first time. If you go back and look at it, not too many teams had success running the football. We kind of did in the first game, and it kind of set up the rest of our offense. Our receivers made some plays after the catch, and we had a complete game that first game."

On if he's seen any improvement from the Jets defense since the first game: "Oh they are really playing (well). They have a really good defense. Even when we went up there and played them, we knew that that wasn't their best shot they were going to give us. We knew coming into the second game that they were going to give us everything they had this week. We are prepared for it. That defensive line is really active. They have one of the best front-sevens in the NFL."

On how they were able to protect Ryan Tannehill so well in the first game against the Jets: "We just did a really good job pass protecting. I think what set us up for our pass protection game was us running the football. It kind of wore them down in the first half pounding the football against them. In the second half it was easier to pass protect him."

On what were some of the causes of struggle last week in Buffalo: "We just couldn't get anything going on offense. We came out real slow. We didn't run the football at all. Then we just didn't make any plays. They played better than us. We really didn't show up last week."

On if this is the same Jets team they played earlier in the month or if they are a team on the upswing: "No this is definitely not the same Jets team. They are playing really good on offense. The first time we played them they didn't play really good on offense, so they kept their defense on the field a lot in the first game. That's something we've really got to focus on is getting them off the field and running the football so they don't set us up for the pass rush."

On what his impression is on the job the team has done in dealing with the distractions from earlier in the season: "I think everyone did a great job kind of just trying to focus on football even though we had all of the outside distractions, all of the media trucks outside of our camp. I think Coach (Joe) Philbin did a great job keeping guys' mindset just on football and trying to eliminate all of the distractions. We kind of got through it, and now we are at the point where this game is everything for our season right now."

On if the experience dealing with distractions during the season brought the team together: "Well I think a lot of guys got closer just for the fact we felt like we were against the world a little bit, so we kind of wanted to prove everybody wrong. It brought us closer. It made us a better football team."

On if he expects to see a fired up Jets team Sunday that might be playing for their coach: "We definitely expect to see that. We know those guys love their head football coach. We all know he's a very good football coach, and those guys are going to come out and be fighting until the very end for their football coach. It's going to be a really good game. It's a rivalry game for us and for them. It's going to be high intensity, and we are looking for a good crowd and we know it's going to be a good game."

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