Jimmy Johnson made a rare visit to Dolphins training camp on Thursday to take in a join workout between his former team and the San Diego Chargers.<P>And the media took advantage of his presence to get his thoughts on his tenure with the Dolphins, as well as this year's team.<P>

Part of the reason Johnson came up from the Keys was to check in with the Chargers, for whom he has done some consulting work over the past six months.

Johnson also is good friends with new Chargers offensive coordinator Norv Turner, as well as Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt.

As he approached the media, Johnson said, "I know you guys have been dying for this for quite a while."

What follows are a few of Johnson's thoughts:

On whether he gets the itch to return to coaching:

"I'e got itches, but it's not for the football field. Waiting for that stock market to go back up! No, I'm retired from football. There's an opportunity maybe in some television a year from now. (Wife) Rhonda and I talked about maybe doing that, but we haven't decided if we want to right now. Right now, we're still enjoying what we're doing."

On retirement:

"I'm a recluse. No, I love it. I love where I'm living. I love being with my family. My boys come down quite a bit. Rhonda and I have traveled. In the last few months, we've gone to Nassau, Freeport and Bimini. We were in Curacao, Key West a couple of times. We went out to Las Vegas with some friends of ours, on and on. So we travel quite a bit and I spend a lot of time with our family."

On the NFL:

"I think with the way free agency and the way things have gone, I don't know that you're going to have the great, great teams that you could have had maybe 10 years ago. But you're going to have a lot of teams that have a chance. And that's what it is. I think there are fewer teams in the middle now than there's ever been."

On Wannstedt:

Dave's a great football coach. I said it a long time ago. I said it when he was in Chicago. I told Wayne Huizenga that. I said on and on, 'Dave Wannstedt is a great football coach.' I'm so happy for him that he's had the opportunity to show it here with the Dolphins."

On this year's Dolphins:

Like everybody else, I'm concerned about the offensive line depth. The Brent Smith injury was a bad one. I was really hoping Brent was going to have a great year for him. So, as much as anything else, the depth on the offensive line is a concern. I talked to Rick Spielman just a little while ago, and they're searching. I think the only thing they've got to do is possibly find a young offensive lineman when they go with the cutdown. So, they've got to get somebody personable enough to go in and help, depth-wise. They're not going to get a starter now. They might be able to get somebody as a backup and cover themselves as far as injury."

On his last season with the Dolphins:

Well, I don't know where things went wrong. We were in the playoffs the last three years. We were in the second round of the playoffs the last couple years. You know one thing about Miami, Miami has been good for so long. It's hurt them as far as really taking the next step. And obviously one thing that went wrong with the '99 season is I built up everybody's expectations. But that's my personality. My personality is that I'm going to take a step. I'm going to say, 'Hey, we're going to try to win it all.' I never did guarantee that we were going to win it all, but in my mind I thought we had a chance to win it all. Had a chance. We didn't, and so no one was more disappointed than I was. But as far as what went wrong, we just weren't good enough. It was as simple as that. We weren't good enough. But we were better than most of the teams in the league, you know, because we did make it to the second round of the playoffs, just like we did the year before."

On his legacy with the Dolphins:

"In all honesty, living down in Islamorada on that boat, I really don't care. Hey, I loved my time here. The people were great. I worked for one of the greatest owners there is in professional sports. Worked for one of the greatest organizations in professional sports. So, everybody was fantastic to me. I loved every minute of it. I know that there were times it was a little bit trying with some people, you know, back and forth, but that's part of the game. I mean, that's part of the stress of being a head football coach in professional sports. That's part of the stress that everybody's under in a competitive nature. I've got great memories."

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