Disappointment, disbelief

Not surprisingly, it was a pretty somber home locker room after the Dolphins saw their season come to a disappointing end with their 20-7 loss against the New York Jets, particularly considering they would have clinched a playoff berth with a victory because of Baltimore's loss at Cincinnati.

Here's what six of the most prominent members of the team had to say about the loss and the season:

LB Philip Wheeler

On his emotions: "It's a disappointment when you don't get to go to the playoffs, especially when you lose a game like that, when you lose the last two games like that."

On maybe taken the Bills and Jets lightly: "We didn't taken anybody lightly. They came out and they prepared well, they played well. They played better than us and they won."

On Jets QB Geno Smith being improved from the first meeting: "Yeah, he ran the ball a little bit more. They changed their game plan a little bit. They did a good job. They were letting him use his feet, read option. They changed the game up. They saw, I guess, a little bit of what Buffalo did and tried to do that."

Brent Grimes

On his emotions coming off the field: "Just disappointed. That's about it. That's all I can really say about it. Just disappointed."

On explaining being outscored 39-7 the last two games: "You really can't explain it. We played two bad games in a row and that's all you can really say about it."

On what Geno Smith did to give them trouble: "He did what he's been doing recently. He made his decisions quick, but if not, he takes off running and gets what he can, don't force things. He did a good job of it today."

On the Dolphins maybe coming out tight: "I feel like we came out all right. We started off this game pretty good. We were up 7-0. We just didn't make plays when we had to, and they did. That's what this league comes down to, who's making the plays when they have to. And they did."

On there being a sense of disbelief in the locker room: "Just disappointed. We had a chance to go to the playoffs and we messed up. We messed up. We blew two games and we've got to live with that."

Tyson Clabo

On his emotions: "Obviously we're very disappointed. We didn't play up to our expectations. We didn't play good enough to win. And didn't."

On being able to explain the team's performance the last two games: "We didn't make any plays. We didn't make plays. That's it. That's what you've got to do to win is make plays in this league. We did not."

On feeling good going into the game: "Today we moved the ball and then when it was time to make a play, we just didn't make any plays."

On feeling there's more talent on this team than 8-8: "We were in a position to win a lot more football games than that."

On how this compares to other bad end-of-season performances he's experienced: "I've never been in a good end-of-season performance. I'm not going to rank them. I lost home games in the playoffs. They're all horrible."

On explaining scoring seven points in the last two games: "We didn't make any plays."

On the O-line not being the problem against the Jets: "It doesn't matter who or how or what. We didn't make plays, we didn't win the game."

Jared Odrick

On describing his emotions coming off the field: "Hmm ... I don't know. I don't know how to describe it. It's just kind of like ... hmm ... it's like a blankness. ... I'm upset about the game, but it's just ... I don't know. I'm still surprised. With the type of people we have on this team, I'm still surprised. I don't know. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. I don't know. I don't know what I can say right now ... there's no words that can sum up how I feel right now. It sucks."

On why the team played so poorly the last two weeks: "We didn't execute. We didn't finish. We needed to do more obviously. I can't do anything but go look at the tape. I don't know. I'm at a loss for words right now. It's tough to put these films in a bottle and call it something."

Mike Wallace

On what happened to the offense: "A lot of different things. We didn't make plays. They did a good job. I can't even really tell you honestly right now, we've got to watch the tape. They made more plays than we did. Their defense stepped up. They did a really good job."

On how upsetting that is after the New England game: "Bad. Definitely upsetting because we're better than that. We've got too many players. We work way too hard. We spent too many hours in the building to do this, to come up short when we had our destiny in our hands and we can control it and lose to two teams who weren't going to the playoffs. And we let them spoil our playoff dreams and come home right with them."

On how you put this behind you: "It's definitely going to be tough. As soon as we leave here, we're definitely going to be thinking about it the whole time until maybe the Super Bowl because that's just the way a football player is. That's the way I am, just knowing that we could have been in there and we let it slip through our hands. It can't get no worse than this. We got what we needed. I think Baltimore might have lost, so we got what we needed and we just didn't step up and make plays. So it's definitely going to linger around and be on us for a little while. But you've got to get over it. You still have a life to live right now. You're not playing any football right now. You've got to go back, give yourself a little time and just get on your grind and go a lot harder than we did this year. Even though I feel like we worked really hard. But we've got to take it to another level."

On this being more disappointing than losing a playoff game in overtime (like he did with Pittsburgh vs. Denver): "Definitely. Because we were in the playoffs at that time. We had the playoffs in our hands and we lost it. This hurts definitely more."

Cameron Wake

On the game: "Obviously today wasn't our day. We didn't make the plays that we've been making all season. You have to finish. You have to finish. Finish plays, finish games, finish the season. That's just the way things are and obviously that didn't happen today."

On assessing the season as a whole: "It wasn't dull, I can tell you that. But 8-8, that's average. And I don't look around this locker room and see average. I don't look at the units and see average. I feel like we have above-average talent, I think exceptional talent, when you break it down. We've shown that during the course of the season, but you can't play exceptional, then average, then below average and exceptional. You're not going to be successful over the course of the season in this league. That inconsistency has been our issue and here it is again showing its ugly head today. I don't look at that performance today and say that's our performance."

On how you get past the 8-8 level: "The ability is there. Getting it week in and week out, maybe not so much. That's why we're sitting in the situation we're sitting in. Again, just being able to draw that exceptional play week in and week out, if I had that answer I'm sure we wouldn't be 8-8."

On feeling a sense of disbelief: "If you would have asked me two weeks ago, we're going. I don't look around this room and see the scoreboard that we just finished seeing. That's not the way I look at this team. Take your hat off, they played better than we played today, they made more plays than we did today and we lost the game."

On the team maybe being overconfident after the New England game: "I wouldn't say so. You can't really go on that roller coaster. You make a good play, you're the best guy in the league; you get beat, now you're sulking. It doesn't work that way. You have to have a short memory, good or bad. Obviously a few weeks ago we were feeling good about ourselves, but I hopefully speak for everybody in this locker room saying Monday morning it was over with, you move on to the next task. Overconfident, I wouldn't say that. Again, that consistency. You can't play up to this level one week and then come out here and lay an egg. It's unfortunate."

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