In a week the Dolphins will have to trim their roster to the league-mandated maximum of 65 players, and Coach Dave Wannstedt will be faced with difficult decisions at a couple of positions.<P>As the Dolphins prepare for their fourth preseason game, Saturday night at Green Bay, we take a quick look at each of the offensive positions and how the final roster might shape up.<P>


That one's easy. The Dolphins will keep three, Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas and either Mike Quinn or Cade McNown if a trade with the Bears is consummated. Rookie Josh Heupel didn't show enough before suffering a wrist injury to unseat Quinn.

Running back

The Dolphins kept six running backs on the roster last year, and might very well do the same this season. If that's the case, the choices are obvious — Lamar Smith, J.J. Johnson, Autry Denson and rookie Travis Minor at halfback, Rob Konrad and Deon Dyer at fullback.

Wide receiver

The Dolphins will keep either five or six. There are five players who appear locks to make the roster — Oronde Gadsden, James McKnight, Chris Chambers, Dedric Ward and Jeff Ogden. Veteran O.J. McDuffie likely will begin the season on PUP, while one of the youngsters (Robert Baker perhaps?) could be headed for the practice squad.

Tight end

Starter Hunter Goodwin obviously will make the roster; Jed Weaver is too good a receiver not to keep; and Ed Perry is too valuable as a long-snapper to be let go. So that means the Dolphins will keep those three. Alonzo Mayes should begin the season on PUP. That leaves rookie Shawn Draper on the outside looking in.

Offensive line

This obviously has been the center of attention throughout training camp. Right now, the starters aren't even set because the left tackle position is still, as Wannstedt put it last week, "unsettled." Mark Dixon, Tim Ruddy, Todd Wade and Todd Perry obviously will make the team, and Marcus Spriggs also should be on the 53-man roster, regardless of whether he hangs on to the left tackle job. Because of their versatility, Spencer Folau and Heath Irwin also should make the team. The coaching staff likes young tackle Anthony Cesario, but a knee injury that's likely to keep him out for a few weeks has suddenly made him a question mark. Outside of that, everyone should be considered on the bubble or worse. Rookie Brandon Winey, once considered a potential candidate to start at left tackle, has been inconsistent and very well could wind up getting cut. The Dolphins will be looking at the waiver wire in the next couple of weeks, so don't be surprised to see a lot of turnover at this position before the regular season starts.

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