Here's what Coach Dave Wannstedt, Vice President of Player Personnel Rick Spielman and former teammate Todd Perry had to say about the trade for Cade McNown.<P>


"As I've said a half-dozen times, this has no bearing on the starter or backup position. He's going to be competing for the third quarterback spot. I could not be happier with our quarterback play at this point. But anytime we have the possibility to better our football team for the future, we have an obligation to do that. This could be an opportunity."

"Obviously, it'll be a breath of fresh air for him. It's an opportunity to start over."

"He's going to work with us for a week, then we'll make a decision on the third quarterback when we make the cuts to 53."

"Mike (Quinn) has done everything he could do. But if we have a chance to better our football team, you have to do it."

On whether he thought bringing in McNown could create a quarterback controversy: "If Jay (Fielder) and Ray (Lucas) hadn't been playing so good, maybe that would be something to consider. In my mind, it's a non-factor. It has no effect."

ON WHETHER HE WAS CONCERNED BRINGING IN McNOWN MIGHT DISRUPT TEAM CHEMISTRY: "Bringing a young kid into our locker room, with so many veteran guys around, is what might give it a chance."

ON McNOWN'S REPUTATION FOR HAVING A BAD ATTITUDE: "When we were all 21 or 22 years old, we said or did some things we wish we hadn't."


"Obviously, things didn't work out in Chicago, but I know he's going to come down and work extremely hard."

ON McNOWN'S REPUTATION: "A lot of that was overblown. I'm sure there were things early in his rookie year ... when you're young a lot of people say things they wish they wouldn't say. But things are in the past; he's got a second opportunity."


"He's a very talented quarterback as far as athletic ability."

"There was a lot of pressure on him in Chicago. When he came in, he knew he had to be The Man."

"He's just relieved he's going to get a fresh start somewhere. The kid is very excited about coming down and working with Chan Gailey and Mike Shula, who are both very good at developing young quarterbacks."

"It's an ideal situation if he takes advantage of the opportunity. If not, we'll go from there."

"He seemed very humble on the phone. He knows what's expected of him. I told him, It's your choice of how you take advantage of this opportunity."

ON WHETHER THE FACT JAY FIEDLER IS SCHEDULED TO BECOME AN UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT AFTER THE 2001 SEASON PLAYED IN A ROLE IN THE TRADE: "We would have made the move even if Jay was signed. This is no reflection on Jay or what we may do with Jay in the future."

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