On the Scene of Patriots Tom Brady’s Appeal

The Patriots’ star quarterback presented his case this morning in front of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dolphins Reporter Eric Roddy was on the scene outside the NFL headquarters in New York City.

Every major news station ranging from Fox News to ESPN was ready to shoot outside of the NFL headquarters location on Park Avenue this morning. Tom Brady, four time Super Bowl Champion, entered the building from the back entrance this morning for his appeal of his four game suspension for his role in last year’s playoff Deflategate scandal.

While I waited outside the massive steel structure, eager like the rest of fans and journalists to catch a glimpse of Tom Brady, I struck up a conversation with a Patriots fan wearing a Tom Brady jersey. My new friend also had a sign that read ‘Free Brady’, seen above. The lone Brady supporter on the scene, he was the star of the show outside of what was happening inside. He told me he was hopeful that Brady’s suspension would be reduced, ideally to two games. He told me he was convinced that the evidence presented against Brady was not conclusive enough. We then moved on to a more generic conversation and tried to come up with the best scenario to catch a glimpse of Tom on his way out of the building.

Check out some of these original photos from the event, including one of ESPN's Sal Paolantonio.

These official NFL appeals and processes can take up to days to finish. Odds are, we won’t know anything regarding the outcome of today’s case until much later today, if today at all.

But here is my thought and opinion on the case. I think Brady’s four game suspension is just the right amount, if not even a little light. I think he knew those footballs were deflated, and tried to get away with it anyway. But then again I may just be a bitter Dolphins fan, eager for any kind of early spark to the 2015 season for the team that I root for.

Stay tuned for more regarding this case and updates regarding the decision as the days go on. For now, check out NFL.com’s article regarding Brady’s entire case up until now, and where it could lead for the star signal-caller.

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