Listen: Miami Dolphins Fight Songs

Miami has a Dolphin...The greatest football team...

The Miami Dolphins are one of few NFL teams (along with the San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys) to have a fight song. They are much more common in college football. However, the Dolphins have one and it is one of the many traditions of the organization.

The original song is actually pretty good, and can be heard at least once if not a couple times at almost all Miami Dolphins home games. Here it is.

Then, in 2009, famous rap artist T-Pain ramped up the outdated fight song with a little more flare. Some fans hate it. Some find it catchy. I think it is a nice version and adds a little more ‘pump up’ feel without changing too much of the original. Give it a listen below.

Now, the Miami Dolphins themselves have done a cover of their famous fight song, by piecing together sound bits from interviews of their coaches and players. Joe Philbin is at the helm. The video comes directly from the Miami Dolphins website, and can be found by clicking here.


Check out the video of the week from Scout.

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