Watch: ESPN Analyst Misjudges Ryan Tannehill

Which ESPN First Take analyst was completely wrong about Ryan Tannehill entering the 2012 NFL Draft? Dolphins Report writer Eric Roddy weighs in on this analyst's big miss.

Let’s do some time traveling. Let’s go back to a few weeks before the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck was all but a lock as the first overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts after winning the ‘Suck for Luck’ sweepstakes the season before. Robert Griffin III was almost definitely going second overall to the Washington Redskins (who desperately needed a quarterback). However, there were questions as to who would be the third overall quarterback taken.

The Dolphins needed a quarterback, and many people (Todd McShay included) had Ryan Tannehill going to the Dolphins at eighth overall. It made sense. It was a good fit.

And then Skip Bayless weighed in. Here’s what he had to say about the matter.

The first absolutely hilarious statement that Bayless makes is that he would rather take Brandon Weeden in the top ten of the draft over Ryan Tannehill. As there almost always is before each draft, there were multiple analysts blowing up Brandon Weeden because of his maturity (he was drafted at age 28) and his cannon of an arm. In other words, people were talking him up simply for the sake of being different. He was nowhere near the talent that Tannehill was, even if Tannehill had less than two years at the quarterback position.

Then, Bayless follows his backing of Weeden over Tanehill by claiming that Tannehill will never amount to a good NFL quarterback. That he will never be anything more than a good athlete. He argued that Tannehill “came out of nowhere.” McShay, the much more intelligent and rational analyst, immediately interjects and points out that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was benched during his four years at Michigan. Brady turned out to be okay during his NFL career.

Todd McShay basically destroys Bayless in this argument if you ask me, as he goes “beyond the boxscores” and examines Tannehill at a much deeper level than Bayless does. Bayless is basically defending his claim that Tannehill won’t pan out to be a good NFL quarterback based on the few games he watched him play in college.

So, three years later after Ryan Tannehill has just completed his third season in the NFL, what do you have to say for yourself Skip Bayless? First off, Brandon Weeden is no longer a starting quarterback in the NFL, after Weeden started just one full season with the Browns and compiled a 72.6 passer rating and a 5-10 record as a starter. Now, he is the backup for Tony Romo in Dallas. Had the Dolphins taken Brandon Weeden over Tannehill in the 2012 draft like Bayless suggested, the Dolphins would have drafted a glorified backup. Good call there Skip.

And then you have Ryan Tannehill’s fantastic improvement over his first three seasons. He absolutely struggled during his first season behind a simply terrible Dolphins O-Line. That was to be expected. He didn’t have a fantastic second year, but he by no means hit a sophomore slump and even improved on his rookie campaign. And then last year, he took the turn and truly became a successful starting NFL quarterback, something Skip Bayless just could not see happening in Tannehill’s pro future back in 2012.

Last season, he had 4,045 yards, 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. No, the Dolphins did not make the playoffs, but almost no part of that was a result of Tannehill’s play. He was a leader and was outstanding, and as a result, he has signed a massive offseason contract that solidifies him as Miami’s first franchise quarterback since Dan Marino. Todd McShay you were right.

And to that I ask Skip Bayless, what do you have to say now?

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