Dolphins’ TV Rating Plummeting in South Beach

The Miami Dolphins are slowly losing their local television audience. How does the team’s spiral downward in ratings compare to other NFL teams?

The Miami Dolphins used to command a powerful viewing audience. That is, when they were constantly producing winning and playoff seasons. In a recent article released by the Miami Herald, the Dolphins’ television ratings were the lowest of any NFL market last season. In other words, fewer and fewer local Dolphins fans were tuning in for games.

Dolphins games averaged a 16.9 rating (each point represents 16,327 homes with televisions), which was down from 17.7 in 2012 and 17.1 in 2013. While the Dolphins still have higher ratings than the Miami Heat (most likely due to LeBron James’ departure) and the University of Miami’s football games, the Dolphins don’t even come close to other NFL teams.

To put their ratings in perspective, the ratings in Denver were 45.5, 42.8 in New Orleans and 38.2 in Pittsburgh. These stadiums almost consistently sell out too. Why are these numbers so much higher for these three teams compared to Miami? Simply put, these teams produce winning seasons almost every year, and everyone wants to watch a winner.

With great change coming to the Dolphins’ roster and stadium, these dropping ratings may be a thing of the past. It’s up to the Dolphins to change them. They can do so by winning.

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