Miami Dolphins 2015 Predictions: Week 1-8

Dolphins Report Publisher Eric Roddy analyzes the first eight weeks for the Miami Dolphins season. What will be their record following the first half of the season?

I realize trying to predict the outcomes of football games (especially in the whacky world of the NFL) is basically impossible. But it can still be fun, and I promise not to make any insane predictions as I go through each of these games. I am always interested in hearing your opinions, especially on topics like this, so if you want to argue or agree please head over to the forums and stake your claim! Otherwise, here we go…

Week 1: Miami Dolphins @ Washington Redskins

While the Dolphins are lucky to get to face the Redskins and Jaguars to open the 2015 season, they are back-to-back road games, which makes things much trickier for a team that was just 4-4 on the road last year. The Redskins will be an interesting matchup, as Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill have yet to meet after being the number two and three quarterbacks taken in the 2012 NFL Draft. I have a feeling this game will be extremely close. The Redskins proved they can beat the best last year despite going 4-12, beating the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. I’m still taking the Dolphins, but in a crazy opener controlled by both defenses. Final result: Miami Dolphins 16 Washington Redskins 14

Week 2: Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

No, this won’t be a 62-7 Jaguars victory. Yes, I had to go there. The Dolphins haven’t lost to the Jaguars in the last three meetings, and you’d have to go back to that 62-7 route to find their last loss in Jacksonville. Miami wins this one easy, behind the defense’s complete harassment of quarterback Blake Bortles. SUHHHHH.

Final result: Miami Dolphins 27 Jacksonville Jaguars 10

Week 3: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills

The Dolphins can really get off to a hot start this season, as they play the Bills at home in week 3. That’s right, it’s time for more Rex Ryan, except this time he’ll be in blue and red. I don’t think the Bills will have figured out who is the right guy to play quarterback this early in the season, and I think the Dolphins offense figures out a way to stop the best defensive line in the NFL. Yet another defensive battle, but I am going with the home team in this one. But as it always is against the Bills, it will be a boxing match and a close one at that.

Final result: Miami Dolphins 20, Buffalo Bills 16

Week 4: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

This game hinges almost entirely on who the New York Jets have at quarterback at the quarter mark in the season. With tough games early against the Colts and Eagles, I think the Jets may have no choose but to go with Fitzpatrick to avoid a complete loss of the season (assuming Geno Smith does indeed start). That would actually be mad news for the Dolphins. Fitzpatrick has proven with many teams in the past that he has what it takes to lead a talented group of players, and that is exactly what the Jets are in every phase of the game. Todd Bowles is a defensive mastermind, and I think the Dolphins three game streak ends here.Final result: Miami Dolphins 21, New York Jets 27

Week 5: Bye Week

Not an ideal bye week for the Dolphins, as the majority of their tougher games and travel comes after this week, and it would’ve been nice to have a bye week before playing the Patriots instead of the Titans. Then again, there is no such thing as bad rest, and this will only give the Dolphins the time they need to beat the Titans handily in Week 6.

Week 6: Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota was a fascinating prospect in this year’s draft, and I was shocked not to see the Titans give up the number two overall pick after the Philadelphia Eagles offered an arm and a leg. However, it will be interesting to see how the Dolphins prepare for a quarterback of Mariota’s skill set. My guess? Coyle will bring the heat, early and often. I think the Dolphins are just too talented for a Titans team still in the rebuilding mode, and I think they win this one without must challenge. Tannehill outplays the young rookie.

Final result: Miami Dolphins 31, Tennessee Titans 20

Week 7: Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans

What is the only team the Miami Dolphins have still not beaten in NFL history? The Houston Texans. That’s right, the Dolphins are a horrendous 0-7 all-time against the Texans, dating back to when the team first became a franchise back in 2002. I am confident in saying that that drought ends here. I think this is the team that will finally knock off the Texans, especially since the Texans will likely have Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett as their starting quarterback. That can only spell disaster for an otherwise talented Texans team. I think the Dolphins at home by a field goal late in a close game.

Final result: Miami Dolphins 24, Tennessee Titans 21

Week 8: Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

The Dolphins follow their win over the Texans with a four day week and a trip to Foxborough, where they haven’t won since the 2008 when the wildcat was unveiled. These short weeks often result in victory for the better coached team. There is no better coached team in the NFL (and history of the league if you ask me) than the New England Patriots. Tom Brady will be back, they’ll be hungry, and they’ll be more ready than the Dolphins.

Final result: Miami Dolphins 14, New England Patriots 28

After the first half of the season, I have the Dolphins going 5-2. A great start to what I believe will be a playoff caliber season, but with much work left to be done in the second half. The real number that sticks out here? The Dolphins will be just 1-2 in the division heading into the second half. That will be where they either succeed or fail. My predictions for the second half of the season will be coming out soon.


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