Miami Dolphins' Biggest Need Entering 2015

The Miami Dolphins lost three games by four points or less in 2014. They must win close games to finally reach the playoffs in 2015.

With the 2015 season coming up soon, the Miami Dolphins don’t need any more players or any new coaches. Well, they might, but it is too late for that. They have every piece of the puzzle they need to make a deep playoff run. That is not the issue. There is just one more thing the Miami Dolphins need to finally get over their seven year playoff drought.

They need to finish games.

The Miami Dolphins lost four three games by four points or less last season, and they all came against playoff caliber teams. In Week 6, they lost to the Green Bay Packers 27-24 despite having the lead and the ball with six minutes left. In Week 10, they lost a defensive battle 16-20 on the road against the Detroit Lions, despite having more than a few chances to seal a victory. In Week 12, they lost 36-39 to the Denver Broncos despite completely dominating the first half.

What do all of those close losses have in common? Well, for one, they all individually knocked the Dolphins out of the playoffs. One of those wins, especially the Broncos game, likely would have meant a playoff berth for the ‘Fins last year. Besides that, they also spell one huge problem for an otherwise extremely talented team. The Dolphins struggled to execute when it mattered most and finish games.

A lot of that blame lies with the Dolphins coaching staff. The players either weren’t in the position to close games, or weren’t ready to do so when the moment came. That is something that absolutely has to change this upcoming season, especially if the Dolphins are to beat their division rivals, which are almost always close games.


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