Miami Dolphins' Front Office Speaks Out

The Miami Dolphins coaching staff and front office have finally spoken out. They want to win championships.

Head Coach Joe Philbin has finally stopped being the soft-spoken, beat around the bush type of coach. He is speaking his mind and he is doing so frankly. The fourth year head coach in South Beach wants to win championships.

Earlier this week in an interview with ESPN, Coach Philbin put it bluntly, stating, “"I came here to win championships. I didn't come here to be average and be 8-8. Steve Ross doesn't own the team to be average. Our fans don't want to be average. Our players don't want to be average."

For the first time in his interview career with the Dolphins, Joe Philbin didn’t give a cookie cutter answer. He didn’t give a vague response that could fit any situation, as he has so often done in the past. He addressed the situation and question directly, and displayed a new attitude and the responsibility a head coach needs to lead a winning team. Sure, it may just be talk for now, but it is the exact mentality that the Miami Dolphins need moving forward in training camp. And it is something of a breath of fresh air to an organization that has been stuck in neutral for the past three seasons.

What may be even more motivational is that owner Stephen Ross is on the same page as Head Coach Philbin. Ross also mentioned how he “bought a team for one purpose: creating a winner and doing it in a manner that we’re competitive every single year.”

Joining his owner and his coach is franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who has had his leadership of the team questioned in his first three years. Despite his improved play on the field year in and year out, this is the first season that Tannehill has stepped up and claimed ownership of his teammates as their captain, and backed up that role by asserting, “"We're not here to win a few games. We're here to win a championship.”

The Miami Dolphins have had changes in their personnel on the field and in the front office in the past. However, this is the first time that the atmosphere and overall attitude surrounding the organization has felt this serious, this driven. There is not a single person in this organization who does not expect to make the playoffs this year, and there is not a single person who won’t give 100% to reach this goal. If Tannehill, Ross and Philbin can materialize their feelings through their individual roles in this organization, there is absolutely no way this team can be prevented from making the playoffs.

There may be a changing of the guard in the AFC East this upcoming season. The Miami Dolphins are back.


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