Dolphins Have AFC East’s Best QB Situation

With the recent events regarding quarterbacks Geno Smith and Tom Brady, the Miami Dolphins find themselves with the most favorable quarterback scenario in the AFC East.

You’ve probably heard by now that the New York Jets have the AFC East’s most tumultuous locker room since the Bullygate scandal a few years ago in the Miami Dolphins’ locker room. With Geno Smith out 6-10 weeks nursing a broken jaw from fellow teammate I.K. Enemkpali and Tom Brady likely to miss the first four games of the 2015 season, the Miami Dolphins have the best quarterback scenario in the AFC East.

You already know about Ryan Tannehill’s improved leadership on and off the field. Add in the fact that he has greatly improved his deep ball, and that he is entering his second season under Bill Lazor’s offense, and the Miami Dolphins sit atop the AFC East with the best quarterback. At least until Brady returns.

Let’s look at the other projected starters. For the Buffalo Bills, it is still a wide open race but will likely be Matt Cassel, as he is slated to start Buffalo’s first preseason game. In fact, according to the latest from head coach Rex Ryan, Tyrod Taylor will back up Cassel, putting E.J. Manuel third on the depth chart as of now. Tannehill is head over heels better than all three of those passers.

Advantage Dolphins.

Despite what you hear from or any other site that frequently favors the Patriots (for good reason, they are a dynasty without question), Jimmy Garoppolo does not even come close to Ryan Tannehill. Judging from the way the media talks about him, you’d think Garoppolo has played in over 100 games already and won a couple of super bowls. Just for being Tom Brady’s proverbial shadow. I don’t think he’ll be terrible, but he won’t outperform Tannehill in the first four games.

Advantage Dolphins.

Lastly, you have the Jets. The only team that makes national headlines for a scuffle in the locker room that leaves their projected starting quarterback with the inability to say how much better he will do this year. With Smith out, the job all but belongs to journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick, who had a fairly successful year with the Texans last season. Fitzpatrick will do better than Geno ever would have, but he still won’t be better than Tannehill.

Advantage Dolphins.

Okay, so what happens if Ryan Tannehill goes down with an injury? Even if that does happen (knock on wood), I still think Matt Moore might be the best quarterback option in the AFC East. That’s how sad the other contenders are. Moore was a proven starter in Carolina, where he won games with a team still in rebuilding mode. He knows this offense better than any other signal caller knows their respective offenses in the division, and he has more experience than everyone barring Cassel and Fitzpatrick. The Dolphins very well may have a backup that is better than the other three team’s starters.

Don’t believe me? Am I exaggerating or reaching? Both fair questions.

Before you judge, just ask yourself this question first.

Wouldn’t the Bills, Jets and Pats jump at the bit to have Matt Moore at least come compete for the job?


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