Miami Dolphins’ Philbin Misses Challenge

The Dolphins’ first team manhandled the Panthers’ starters throughout the first quarter. Somehow coach Joe Philbin found a way to keep the Panthers in the game.

The Miami Dolphins looked very impressive throughout the first quarter against the Carolina Panthers in preseason game number two. They ran the ball well, Ryan Tannehill was crisp with his timing and accuracy, and Ndamukong Suh and Terrence Fede crushed it on defense, holding the Panthers to a goal line stop on fourth and goal.

The biggest moment of the night for the starters came when Damien Williams scampered outside for what appeared to be a near touchdown.

Or fumble.

Turns out, Williams fumbled right before the goal line, resulting in a touchback for the Panthers. On second down, Joe Philbin chose to challenge the play rather than try to punch it in the next two downs. The move back fired.

To be fair, I can back up both sides of the Philbin decision. The good thing about it was that it took guts, and it showed that Philbin trusted his players with the matter. The bad news is that he completely missed the call, and didn’t wait long enough for his upstairs personnel to tell him not to challenge.

Either that, or the upstairs replay assistants never got back to Philbin. Regardless, Philbin made the decision and stuck with it, even if it turned out to be a mistake. For that, I applaud him for being aggressive and trusting his team.

I think Joe Philbin is doing a fantastic job so far this offseason. He has become more outspoken, more passionate, and willing to do the necessary intangibles to lead this team in the right direction, a.k.a the playoffs. Cheers to you and keep it up Coach Philbin!

But next time, just let the offense punch it in!


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