Pre-Season, Is it too long?

When your favorite team loses their top player, the question always arises. Is the pre-season too long and is it worth it?

I have been a Miami Dolphin’s fan for the past 30 years and every year at this time anyone who is an NFL fan always asks if the pre-season is too long or worth the injuries that can, and usually do occur.

Look at what happened after this weekend’s games. The biggest injury came to the Green Bay Packers when Jordy Nelson went down with a right knee injury after completing a pass from Aaron Rodgers. The Miami Dolphins had injuries to both cornerbacks and a possible concussion to left tackle Jason Fox. Not to mention, the Pittsburgh Steelers losing their All-Pro center Maurkice Pouncey.

Some people believe that pre-season is worth the live game action where coaches can evaluate players who may or may not be on the cut line. I believe this is important, but for the amount of time the starters actually receive, I think two games are enough to determine who should be cut or kept. I know this is a touchy subject, but when your star player on offense, or a key starter on defense goes down to a season ending injury when playing in a game that means nothing, this could be the difference in that team playing in the playoffs or the Super Bowl.

Yes, I’m venting because my Miami Dolphins had some key injuries that could impact our season. Curious to see and hear what the rest of the masses think about this subject.

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