Miami Dolphins' Competition at Running Back

Could Jay Ajayi have increased his stock as being the second or third string running back for the Miami Dolphins?

Since the Dolphins chose Jay Ajayi in the fifth round of the draft this year. I have been following his progress in the off the field workouts and training camp. And I love what I am seeing, he is a back that runs north and south, catches on the run with strength and control, and has a burst of speed that is going to be hard to catch.

When he got to show what he could do late against the Atlanta Falcons in the last preseason game where the Dolphins won that game, he ended up being the leading rusher with 25 yards. Not big numbers, but the leader when it was all said and done.

Yes, he is a rookie and he will continue to learn so much from outstanding running backs Lamar Miller, Damien Williams, and LaMichael James but I believe he already has a skill set that will stun opposing defensive lines in their tracks. The one area of his game I will be watching during this matchup is blocking. Can Ajayi block when he doesn’t get the ball? We haven’t really seen this from him as of yet. If he can block and have success at that, then watch out! Hey defenses, here comes Ajayi on a play action pass screen out of the backfield for a big gain.

I cannot wait until this Thursday’s final preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where I know after his last performance; Jay Ajayi will light it up for big yards and hopefully a touchdown or two. With this being the rest game for all starters and second strings, you will see Ajayi get more touches and show why the Miami Dolphins took a chance and drafted him.

Miami fans sit back and watch a future star in the making on Thursday night. He will break through that Tampa offensive line and the Miami Dolphins commentators will be giving high praise to Ajayi like they did during the Atlanta game. As you can tell…I really like this guy!


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