Tom Brady: The NFL's Golden Child

Now that a Judge has dropped the four game suspension leveed by the NFL commissioner. What does this mean for future discipline towards players?

The main statement that I took out of this is that the NFL didn’t give enough notice to Tom Brady and did not share all evidence with Brady’s lawyers to have a suspension leveed. So my question is, if the NFL DID give enough notice. Would he be suspended to start the season? I think just the fact of destroying his cell phone is enough evidence to keep this suspension upheld. Remember I am not a lawyer or a judge, but I am a fan of this great league and a true die-hard Miami Dolphins fan. I think this will hurt the league I love.

What about the fine leveed to the Patriots. Will the million dollar fine and the loss of draft picks be appealed and eventually overturned?

I firmly believe any discipline actions handed out by the league to any player will be appealed every single time. I think the commissioner had lost all power in these types of situations. Saying this, it looks like from twitter feeds, most players throughout the league believe that this was a huge waste of time and money. The players are happy that the suspension was overturned, now the Patriots can start the season with their number one quarterback at the helm.

Now that all is said and done. Tom Brady will play week one against the Pittsburg Steelers, hope the Steelers blow them out of the water 70-0.

While this is bad news, it doesn’t take away from the dolphins' goal this season – dominating and eventually wining the division!

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