Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins Preview

The Miami Dolphins are looking to improve on their 2014 campaign. Here’s what they need to do to beat the Redskins.

Its not really a question as to who is to win this game. It’s the Miami Dolphins. Why? Well first, the Redskins are coming off a 4-12 season and hope to improve this season. They are in a state of continuous improvement just like the St. Louis Rams and haven’t done much since Robert Griffin III rookie season. Even with RG3 giving them a glimmer of hope he came back the next season and broke his ankle leaving him out 6 weeks and when he came back he didn’t produce.

He lost his starting job to backup Kirk Cousins. He didn’t play in the first preseason game and McCoy and Cousins played fabulously. In the second preseason game, against the Detroit Lions, RG3 took the field, but his performance was horrendous partly due to the terrible play of the Redskins O-Line. He is now the third string quarterback with a concussion. He will return to be the backup when healthy again.

The Redskins O-Line is the reason Miami is expected to win this game. During the offseason the Dolphins acquired Ndamukong Suh, notorious for his pass rushing ability when he was on the Detroit Lions. The Dolphins defensive line has been known for its stellar play in consecutive seasons. They have experience and bringing in Suh will open up lanes for Miami’s linebackers to run through during a blitz and make tackles for a loss or a sack.

Against the Lions this preseason, RG3 had 2 fumbles in his 4 possessions. He went 2 of 5 for a total of 8 yards and three punts. He was also sacked three times and was pressured nearly every time he would step back to throw the ball. If the Detroit Lions caused this much trouble for the Redskins starters it would seem the Dolphins would do the same, or make it harder.

I think the Miami Dolphins will dominate this game on the defensive side of the ball. Look for Kirk Cousins to have to throw under pressure multiple times, and I think the Dolphins will be able to air the ball out against a weaker Redskins defense.

Final Prediction: Miami Dolphins 24 Washington Redskins 9


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