Miami Dolphins Ndamukong Suh: Cool Gift

After the non-kick on Alfred Morris’ helmet, it seems like that was all that was talked about on media outlets was Ndamukong Suh was at it again.

So…let’s talk about the Miami Dolphins Ndamukong Suh. Suh signed in March of this year to a six year, $114 million dollar contract with $60 million in guaranteed money. Wow, that is not too shabby. I totally agree that Ndamukong Suh is worth every penny. He is the best defensive tackle in the NFL right now, his presence sets fear for any offensive lineman that has to try and stop him from putting their quarterback on his back again and again.

Since coming into the league, Suh has been criticized for his aggressive play and has been fined a total of $255,375 by the NFL. Suh was named the 24th best player in the NFL in 2015; he was also ranked as the sixth highest defensive player. He also was named Defensive Rookie of the Year, not to mention four, yes count them four Pro Bowl selections in his first five years in the league.

How’s this for a cool move, Ndamukong Suh took his six year, $114 million dollar contract and bought the entire Dolphins defensive lineman La-Z-Boy recliners. Is that not the coolest thing a veteran player can do for his line mates? You don’t see this on the sports channels.

Yes, Ndamukong Suh didn’t play to his potential in the last game against Washington. Maybe he was nervous; maybe he was trying too hard. Suh will put it all together against Jacksonville this Sunday and you will see a different aggressive Ndamukong Suh and with Cameron Wake both well rested in their new chairs…. the Jaguars are going to get a huge douse of the Dolphins defense.

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