Miami Dolphins @ Jacksonville Jaguars

After an ugly win in Washington, the Dolphins are looking to extend their winning streak to two games this Sunday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a team that has been plagued by misfortune over the past few years. Whether is drafting a quarterback like Blaine Gabbert, or a wide receiver like Matt Jones, the Jaguars have never had that one key player that made a difference in games. Well they did have Justin Blackmon, but who knows if he’ll ever return to the NFL. This year things are looking up for the Jaguars. They have a young and somewhat experienced quarterback in Blake Bortles and they have surrounded him with solid receivers and tight ends.

For example Julius Thomas is a huge target and always poses problems for opposing teams, however he will likely be out against the Dolphins this Sunday. With all that being said the Jaguars still have some big weaknesses that the Miami Dolphins should take advantage of.

Let’s look at the offensive line for the Jaguars. Last year the Jaguars finished the season with a 3-13 record and a big responsibility for that horrendous record falls on the offensive line. Blake Bortles was sacked 55 times last year. Last week he was sacked five times by the Carolina Panthers. No team at all will ever hope to win games if their offensive line is that bad. Not only was Bortles sacked 55 times, he also threw 17 interceptions along with 11 touchdowns in 2014.

If the Dolphins make Bortles hurry look for a couple interceptions as well as a few sacks. The Miami Dolphins need to exploit this major weakness and do exactly as the Panthers did. I expect the Dolphins to get to Blake Bortles a lot during this game with Suh and Wake wreaking havoc up front.

The last time these two teams met the Dolphins won 27-13.

I think the Dolphins will win 35-13.

Ryan Tannehill had a poor performance against the Redskins and after signing a big new contract he’s going to want to show Dolphins fans he’s worth the 96 million. If the Dolphins have a large defensive performance and impressive quarterback play they will come out of Jacksonville with a win.

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