Miami Dolphins Need to Revisit the Preseason

When the pre-season started. The Miami Dolphins were playing better football then they are playing right now.

I went back and watched every opening drive the Dolphins had in the pre-season and what I saw was a totally different team then what we have seen in the first two games.

I did not see five-yard dump passes, or running backs not even making it out of the backfield, like we have seen to date. What I did see, were more than ten yard tries with completions from the wide receivers and I saw hard break through the defensive line for first down rushing attempts. I saw players wanting to play football for the Miami Dolphins…I do not see that passion or fire I saw in re-watching the pre-season.

Yes, you can say it was just pre-season, what do you expect? Even though it was just pre-season it was still first string offense vs. first string defense that the dolphins WERE able to score on.

For the Miami Dolphins to get back on track I believe that our coaching staff have to go back to their coaching ways of the pre-season and adjust their ways of thinking about the game. Yes, Jarvis Landry and Rishard Matthews are tearing it up yardage wise, but they have to get Kenny Stills and rookie DeVante Parker more into the mix. What about Matt Hazel, he had an incredible pre-season, add him to the mix and see what he can offer. Ryan Tannehill is putting up huge and impressive numbers and I hope he does not get down on his self, cause he is doing everything that he can out there.

The defense is struggling. They cannot stop the run no matter who was running the ball in the first two games against the Washington Redskins and the Jacksonville Jaguars. What happened to that defense from the pre-season when they had numerous stops in the red zone and got so excited that they turned the ball over on downs after making a huge stop on the two-yard line.

What I cannot figure out is why would Miami trade cornerback Will Davis to the Baltimore Ravens for a seventh-round draft pick, at least shop Davis around and see if there is a player for player trade available. I guarantee Davis will flourish in Baltimore. Why do I say this? Cause whenever the Dolphins trade or release a player of caliber, they always have a great year wherever they end up. For example Mike Wallace (Minnesota Vikings), Brandon Marshall (Chicago Bears), Wes Welker (New England Patriots), Chris Chambers (San Diego Chargers). Don’t believe me? Look it up!

Here is to reminiscing about the pre-season and how good the Miami Dolphins played before the regular season started. Remember all the talk about making the playoffs, those thoughts stemmed from their play in the pre-season. Here is hoping the coaching staff relook at that film and get this worked out and the wins start accumulating.

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