Will New York Jets Game Be Philbin’s Last?

The Miami Dolphins are off to an abysmal 1-2 start. Will Head Coach Joe Philbin survive another division loss to the New York Jets?

Joe Philbin’s career as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins has never been in more danger than it is now. Despite a lucky week one opening win against the Washington Redskins, the Dolphins have been defeated by a less-than-stellar Jacksonville Jaguars team and got absolutely demolished last Sunday at home by Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills.

The question is no longer if Joe Philbin will be fired, but when? With a rough 1-2 start in what is very much the easier half of the Dolphins schedule, the team seems all but destined to finish mediocre for the fourth straight year under Philbin’s eye. What’s worse, this is by far the most talented team in South Beach since the days of Don Shula and Bob Griese.

You can try to defend Joe Philbin all you want. You can say things like the players aren’t executing, etc., but the simple truth is that Joe Philbin simply can’t be a head coach in this league. He is nothing more than a glorified coordinator, one incapable of finding the resolve or the passion to ready his players each week for battle. This has never been more evident than last Sunday, where the Dolphins were completely blown off the field in their home opener, but the always motivated Buffalo Bills.

What does an NFL head coach look like? Take a look at every other head coach in the AFC East. Todd Bowles, has his Ryan Fitzpatrick-led New York Jets off to a 2-1 start with terrifying defensive schemes and a solid rushing attack. Rex Ryan, the same Rex Ryan who owned the Dolphins 41-14 in the newly renovated Sun Life Stadium, always has his players’ backs. In return, they show up and always compete, whether they are supposed to win the game or not. And then there is Bill Belichick, arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time. Cheaters or not, Bill gets the most out of every single one of his players, regardless of their contract or what round they were drafted in.

Not one of those teams is more talented than the Miami Dolphins. Which means one thing. They are better coached. They prepare better. They have better offensive and defensive schemes. It really is that simple.

So, do the Miami Dolphins wait until after they play the Tennessee Titans (a team they very well may lose to on the road), or do they cut ties with Philbin following what appears to be an automatic loss to the New York Jets?

Owner Stephen Ross has had Philbin’s back throughout the 3 and ¼ years of mediocrity. He brought Philbin back this year despite the team blowing playoff chances late in the season last year. But how bad does this team need to be to realize that the pieces in place aren’t the answer? If I was Stephen Ross, I would wait no longer than the bye week to cut ties with Philbin.

Believe me, as a lifelong fan and believer in this team, I want nothing more than the Dolphins to miraculously right the ship and blow out the Jets overseas in the beginning of a yearlong turnaround. But that being said, I’ve been paying too much attention these past three years to know that that isn’t going to happen.

Until Joe Philbin is gone.


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