Who's to Blame for Dolphins' Woes?

Now that we are three games into the season, the Miami Dolphins are underachieving at this point. Who is to blame? Is it the coaches or the players?

My answer to this question is the COACHING. I see the defensive front line playing back on their heels because they are asked to cover the gaps instead of using their talents to blitz and rush the quarterback. That call lands on the defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle.

On the offensive side Bill Lazor is not being aggressive enough and letting his talented players play their game. Why isn’t Kenny Stills more involved in the offense. Yes, Jarvis Landry and Rishard Matthews are arguably the Dolphins best wide receivers but come on, share the ball around. The Miami Dolphins in my option has the most talented receiving core in the AFC and they are not being used and exploited as such.

Head Coach Joe Philbin. Very nice guy…but I see that as the problem. Way too calm of a demeanor for being in this position. I have watched all of his press conferences and WOW I almost fell asleep in every one. The problem lies in, that the way he is in the press conferences is the way he carries and acts on the sideline. I would love to see a “Dennis Green” reaction once in awhile.

Yes, it is a two way street. The players have a lot to do with the problems as well. But as a player you are supposed to do what a coach is asking of you, or if you don’t, you ride the pine. Or like Ndamukong Suh, you get accused of “freelancing” plays, when he was trying to do what he does best, rush the passer, not cover the gaps.

I would love to see a coach like Jimmy Johnson at the helm. When Johnson was at the helm he took the Dolphins to the playoffs three out of the four years that he was in charge. The problem I have with that, is this years team has more talent in key positions then in those previous years.

Sorry, 'fins fans. I’m just very frustrated in my favorite team right now. I see a lot of talent and with all the playoff hype at the beginning of the season I just had a lot of expectations for my team. I guess the cliché of being a better team on paper then on the field might be coming true for the Miami Dolphins.

I think this week four matchup with the New York Jets in London, England, is what they need to spark a win streak and get things on the right page. This will be a great game with a lot riding on a win for the Dolphins, or I see coaches losing their jobs with a loss.


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