Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets Preview

The Miami Dolphins are in desperate need for a win to avoid going 1-3. Can they take down the Jets?

It is clear that the Miami Dolphins cannot afford to go 1-3. They are now entering the difficult part of their schedule and with the way they have played so far, the playoffs don’t look like an option for the Dolphins. They are in desperate need of a win against a Jets team that is playing pretty well. If the Dolphins can pull out a win this would be a big victory for the team and may help them get back on the path as analysts and fans had perceived them to be on before the start of the season. This being said, a 1-3 start has to be avoided.

This Sunday the Dolphins will run into their old coach Todd Bowles. Although he was an interim head coach for the Dolphins in 2011 and led them to 2-1 record in just three games, Miami made a mistake in letting him go. Look at what Bowles has done with the New York Jets, a team left in ruins by Buffalo Bills Head coach Rex Ryan. Bowles has turned a Jets team around that has been horrible for the last four years to a team that looks like a playoff contender. The Jets also are without their starting quarterback, Geno Smith, for the first eight weeks. Bowles has also done a great job in managing Brandon Marshall and getting him to have a good relationship with Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bowles had a lot of hard work to do, but he handled it beautifully. Maybe if the Dolphins had kept him around they wouldn’t be in such a tough situation, which Philbin has put them in.

The Jets seem to be a solid team this year. They have a good offensive game plan that involves star receivers, Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall getting the ball around seven to ten times a game. They also have a pretty good running attack that involves Chris Ivory getting a lot of touches. The Jets running game is impressive and Chris Ivory looks better than ever this year. If the Dolphins can stop the Jets run game and shut down at least one of those receivers, they may pull out a win this weekend.

Not only do the Jets have a decent offense, but their defensive is just as scary if not more frightening. Somebody is going to be put on “Revis Island” this Sunday and I’m afraid it’s primarily going to be Jarvis Landry, Ryan Tannehill’s favorite target. Tannehill is going to have to play smart against this Jets tough defense. Their defense has looked loads better than the Dolphins and Tannehill cannot afford to throw three interceptions in this game like he did against Buffalo.

The Jets secondary is loaded and Tannehill is going to have problems getting it going. I suggest that Miami find their non-existent running game and give their 1,000 yard rusher last year, Lamar Miller, the ball. The reason Miami is averaging 17 points a game is because they are one dimensional. They pass the ball a whole lot and never mix it up. If they can rush the ball against the Jets defense, which is pretty solid against the run then maybe Miami can make things interesting. Next Ndamukong Suh has got to shape up and stop acting like a primadonna. He is hurting the team by not following play calls. Honestly if he starts acting up this week I hope Terrell Williams, the Dolphins defensive line coach, benches him. The Dolphins should be fired up for this game and they know this is a must win. I think the Dolphins will win this one at the last minute on a game winning drive that Tannehill will lead. Dolphins 18 Jets 17.

Fins up!

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