Philbin Causes Dolphins' Loss to Jets 27-14

I do not know if I should write a new story or just copy and paste last weeks. The Miami Dolphins did not show up to play the New York Jets in London, England.

For such a big game, the Dolphins came into this game uninspired on both side of the ball and it continued throughout this game. Nothing was fixed since the last game. Miami has absolutely no offense and the defense still cannot stop the run. If it were not for the New York Jets getting a couple of pass interference calls, Miami would not have even been on the scoreboard in the first half.

Pretend you are an NFL coach…you are 3 and 15, and it is 3rd down. What would you do, run or throw? I believe most of - if not all of you would THROW the ball. Not Miami! They go with a run play and gain about 5 yards and kick the ball away. Its crazy, insane decisions like this, that the present coaching staff are making and costing the Dolphins to play right into the opposition’s hands, and practically handing them the win.

The thing that continues to astound me is that Ryan Tannehill continued to get tackled throughout this game and every time he was on the ground, he picks himself up… did you catch that part? He PICKS HIMSELF UP, no Miami Dolphin players come and put their hand out and helped him get up. That makes me so mad, no team comradery whatsoever.

I saw a team that was playing in a hostile environment at Wembley Stadium in London were the crowd noise of over 80,000 fans were chanting J-E-T-S, jets, jets, jets…throughout the whole game. At no time did I see a Dolphins team playing for themselves let alone playing to win for their coach Joe Philbin. I hope ownership comes to their senses and releases him immediately. Miami cannot continue to play for a coach that the players clearly do not have any respect or want to win for. As of this Monday morning Joe Philbin has been fired as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

As for the game, Ryan Tannehill struggled from the first snap and ended the game with 19 for 44 receptions and 198 yards He also passed for two touchdowns but had two interceptions and was sacked three times. Wide receiver Kenny Stills had five receptions for 81 yards and one touchdown, while WR Jarvis “Juice” Landry had four receptions for 40 yards.

You know the running game is struggling when a wide receiver has more rushing yards then the starting running back. WR Jarvis Landry had two rushes for 29-yards, while running back Lamar Miller had seven rushes for a whopping 26, yes I said, 26-yards.

Thanks to the stellar play of the defense (I am joking), defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh had only three tackles in total for the game. The defense could not stop New York Jets running back Chris Ivory who had a career-high game with 29 rushes for 166-yards and one touchdown. Glad the Dolphins could help him out with this awesome feet.

On the injury front, things did not help when cornerback Brent Grimes went out early in the first quarter and did not return to the game due to a right knee injury which occurred in the first quarter.

The Miami Dolphins next game will not be for two weeks, because of the bye week. With the firing of Philbin we will have to see if the Dolphins can climb out of this 1-4 hole they have found themselves in.

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