Steve Mitchell

Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill Makes Mistake

Apparently there is a report making headlines that former coach Joe Philbin told his practice squad to take it easy on quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

       If this report is true, Tannehill is quoted in saying to the practice squad, after they caused him to turnover the ball…”enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy.”   It would stand to believe there is major problems going on behind the scenes for the Miami Dolphins.

New head coach Dan Campbell has a very tough road ahead if this is the kind of stuff that he has to deal with, not to mention getting his team ready for the upcoming game against the Tennessee Titans.  Even though they have a bye week to work things out.  I am hoping this will be enough time to accomplish these tasks.  

       Ryan Tannehill has a lot of making up to do in my opinion.  Trust is not an easy thing to come by, and being the number one quarterback for the Miami Dolphins you should expect nothing but professionalism, and respect for other players that you depend on to make you a better player and person…you would have never heard anything like this come from the great Dan Marino toward his teammates.

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