Steve Mitchell

Miami Dolphins Have Successful Practice

Interim head coach Dan Campbell has put in his first full day of being the head coach of the Miami Dolphins.

Campbell went back to basics and even brought out an old university drill to push his point of being more intense and competitive in practices.

Campbell ran the “Oklahoma drill,” in this drill players line up and goes one on one and attempt to stop the ball carrier.  He went deep into the drill and had offensive players matched up with their defensive counterparts, wide receivers vs. defensive backs, offensive lineman vs. defensive lineman.  At times it was reported that things got so competitive that things got heated between players.  That is great news to every Dolphin fan because this is the aggressive play that has been missing from games.

As for news on Kevin Coyle, it was announced this morning that he has been fired as the defensive coordinator.  We will have to wait and see who Dan Campbell has in mind to fill his shoes.  I am liking his decisions so far and loving his aggresive attitude to winning and promoting competitivness amost the players.

Fins Up!!!  

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