Miami Dolphins Must Unleash Bill Lazor

The Miami Dolphins have yet to reach their offensive potential, partly because OC Bill Lazor has been shackled. How can the Dolphins be more explosive on offense?

If there is one thing we can expect from the Miami Dolphins this Sunday as they take on the Tennessee Titans in Nashville, it's that new head coach Dan Campbell won't be conservative. He's made it that clear. Expect the defense to go after rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, and expect everyone to be energized and ready to go.

One thing I also think we can expect to see is a truly unshackled Bill Lazor for the first time in his 16 months as the Dolphins' offensive coordinator. Whether you have been happy with Miami's offense or not over the past two years (let's face it they've been just awful this year), you can't deny that Lazor has not been terrible. The simple fact of the matter is that we can't be sure whether or not Lazor ever had complete liberty to call the plays he wanted. It is almost 100% a fact that Philbin had a large portion of control of the offense. 

One moment in the recent history of this team sticks out to me. Last year, the Dolphins had Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers beat in Sun Life Stadium. They had the ball in their own territory, and just needed a first down (or two) to run out the clock with a little under four minutes left. What did they do? Exactly what Joe Philbin told Bill Lazor to do. They ran the ball, three straight downs.

The result? Miami had to punt to the best quarterback in the league, who did a Dan Marino-esque fake spike to win the game. 

Lazor looked down right unhappy with Philbin's tentative approach. There is almost no doubt that Philbin meddled with Lazor's plans continuously throughout the pair's time together.

If Dan Campbell is the man he appears to be this early, he will let Bill Lazor do what he knows how to do: run an offense without any shackles. 

I truly believe we have only seen the tip of the playcalling-iceberg of the Miami Dolphins thus far.

Bill Lazor has a new head coach, one that is extremely aggressive and lacks the pride to prevent his offensive coordinator from calling the plays he wants.

Worst case scenario? 

Campbell tells Lazor the plays he wants to run.

God knows they'll be aggressive.



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