Dolphins Titans Game Gets Flagged

Tell me if this next statement makes any sense to anyone else. Especially: Dolphins and Titan fans.

Remember the game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Detroit Lions, where on the last play of the game, back judge Greg Wilson failed to throw the flag when linebacker K.J. Wright for Seattle, batted the ball out of the end zone, which should have resulted in a penalty.

This week back judge Greg Wilson, this same referee who did not make the correct call during the Seahawks game, was supposed to work in this Sunday night’s game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts.  But instead, his punishment is to be reassigned to the Miami Dolphins vs. the Tennessee Titans game. I guess our game is not as important as the Patriots-Colts...or is it?

Why is this his punishment?  Why should we get this ref?  Why should any game on Sunday get him?  The league has issued a one game suspension to side judge Rob Vernatchi for failing to stop and reset the game clock which ran for 18 seconds after a touchback occurred in Monday Night’s matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers.

In my opinion, Greg Wilson should get a one game suspension just like Rob Vernatchi received.  This makes no sense to me, just because it is the "Sunday Night’s" game between the Colts and Patriots, it should not matter?  If he is good enough to ref the Dolphins Titans matchup, he should be good enough for the Patriots and Colts.

Curious what other Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans fans think about this - head over to our forums and let us know what you think about this issue.


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