1972 Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Safe?

There are five teams still undefeated in the NFL. Let’s look and see how many will still be after this Sunday.

The 4-1 New York Jets are at the 5-0 New England Patriots.  I see the New York Jets’ number one defense in the league going into Gillette Stadium and putting pressure on Tom Brady.  Last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, Brady was intercepted four times.  I think the Jets will continue that streak and capitalize on those interceptions, squeezing out a win in this one.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on their third quarterback since the start of the season.  Quarterback Landry Jones came in for the injured Michael Vick and had a great game.  They have a tough task of facing the 6-0 Cincinnati Bengals who are on a bye week and will play them next Sunday.  Being at home, I see Pittsburgh upsetting the Bengals.  Cincinnati will not be able stop running back Le’Veon Bell, and he will have a multi-touchdown day.

The upstart Philadelphia Eagles are starting to play some great football.  I really feel that this will be the week for upsets and this game against the 5-0 Carolina Panthers will be no different.  Both offenses will be on fire this game and it will be a high scoring game.  The Eagles will win by three late in the fourth.


Okay…see if you can follow me on this one.  Both the 6-0 Green Bay Packers and the 6-0 Denver Broncos are both on bye weeks. The two undefeated teams will meet in week eight on November 1st.  One of these teams will stay undefeated and my money is on the Packers.  Peyton Manning is not having a great year, YES the Broncos are undefeated but they are undefeated because their defense has won most if not all their games.

Now this is where is gets interesting, if the Carolina Panthers DO beat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday to stay undefeated, and the Green Bay Packers stay undefeated.... we will have another battle of the undefeated as Green Bay plays Carolina in week nine.  Hopefully this will happen and set up another undefeated matchup but I can see Carolina losing against the Eagles this week.

Either way, when the Panthers meet Green Bay, Carolina will defeat the Packers and then there will be NO undefeated teams in the league and the 1972 Miami Dolphins’ perfect record will be untouched.

Hope you followed me on this one, because that last paragraph got pretty intense.  I can’t wait for these games this week, as so much is riding on them for the undefeated teams.

It truly is a great time of year to be a Miami Dolphins fan and a fan of the NFL.

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