Miami Dolphins Fall to Patriots 36-7

The Miami Dolphins two game win streak came to an end Thursday night as the New England Patriots improve their record to 7-0.

Early in the first quarter, the Miami Dolphins front four on defense put pressure on Tom Brady and made the Patriots quarterback scramble to make completions and it was looking like the Dolphins could make a game out of things, but Miami’s offense made mistake after mistake: from not getting the run game going, to the wide receivers dropping catchable passes.  Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill could not get in any kind of rhythm with his wide receivers throughout the entire game.

Tannehill was intercepted twice and the Patriots defense broke through Miami’s offensive line, which ended up being a big problem for Tannehill to get anything started on offense.  Tannehill had a long, rough night, which meant the offense had a long, rough night.  The offense only had a total of 14-yards rushing… Yes that is the lowest rushing output in team history.

Jarvis Landry was covered by two sometimes three defensive players and could not get open for the Dolphins quarterback to get anything to him or his other offensive weapons.

To make matters worse, not only did the Dolphins lose the game, the Miami Dolphins defense took a huge hit when in the third quarter, defensive end Cameron Wake went out to an Achilles tendon injury and was carted back to the locker room.  There are reports that Wake could be lost of the rest of the season, this is terrible news for the defensive line that has been performing spetacular in the last two weeks.  Before the injury, Wake got his seventh sack in the last three games when he sacked Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the first half of the game.

In saying the Dolphins played bad tonight is an understatement.  I have to give props to the New England Patriots.  The defending Super Bowl champions showed what it means to be a championship team.  They are playing some incredible football and show what a 7-0 team looks like.  The New England Patriots are a team that is playing to a higher standard then any other time in the league right now.

Dolphin fans, keep those fins up high.  The Miami Dolphins are on the way up.  The New England Patriots are on a pedestal right now and will get knocked off in due time.

Next up for the Dolphins is a rematch with the Buffalo Bills, at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  Miami is looking to get some revenge.  The Bills embarrassed the Dolphins 41-14 in week three.  I know coach Campbell will not let this happen again.

FINS UP!!!    

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