Christopher Hanewinckel

Dolphins Jarvis Landry Pro Bowl Bound?

After a promising rookie campaign, Miami Dolphins slot receiver Jarvis Landry has emerged as one of the league's star wide receivers.

On a struggling Miami Dolphins team that is now 3-4 after a tough loss to the Patriots, Jarvis Landry has made plays that have kept the Dolphins playoffs hopes alive. Let’s take a look back to week one where Jarvis took a 69-yard punt return to the house to put his team up 17 to 10, which ended up being the final score and a victory for the Miami Dolphins who were clearly outplayed by Kirk Cousins and the Redskins. Without that game breaker the Dolphins would be 2-5 and just playing for their paychecks rather than playing for a playoff berth. 

Jarvis hasn’t just made plays with his hands, but he’s made plays with his legs as well. Before Lamar Miller had those breakout games against the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans, Jarvis Landry was the only player that produced solid yards when he ran the ball. Yes, he has only run the ball eight times, but is averaging 9.6 yards a carry for a total of 77 yards in seven games. Last year he ran the ball only twice and averaged -2 yards a carry. Landry has improved that part of his game immensely and it has shown through the crowds cheering when they see him turn the corner and show his speed. 

There are many things that Jarvis Landry does for this Dolphins team that go unnoticed because Odell Beckham Jr., Landry’s counterpart at LSU, gets all the hype. Beckham Jr. is an incredible receiver, but Jarvis is more versatile. He can run the ball, return kickoffs and punts, and overall he’s a playmaker. Jarvis Landry has 42 receptions on the year for 466 yards in seven games. Odell has 50 receptions for 654 yards in eight games. If the Dolphins had eight games behind them like the New York Giants, Landry’s stats would not be so different from Odell’s. 

Jarvis Landry is only going to get better every game, and when the time comes I bet his name will come up for the 2016 Pro-Bowl selection. The Pro-Bowl is where the best players in the NFL come show their athletic talent for a good show. He’s an incredible athlete and so exciting to watch that he would provide electrifying plays that would mesmerize the fans when selected to the Pro-Bowl this season. 




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