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Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills Preview

Blanton Stagno previews Sunday's AFC East game between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.

After a 36 to 7 loss in New England, the Miami Dolphins must feel pretty disappointed. Worse than than the loss itself is the injury to Cameron Wake that will put him on Injury Reserve for the rest of the season. This is a huge loss for the Miami Dolphins. He was clearly the best player on that Dolphins defense and a clear leader to the whole team. Without him on the field, the Dolphins defense is really going to have to step it up.

This young defense has to forget about last week and focus on the game this Sunday. They cannot focus on the mistakes they made last week, but make sure they do not happen again. The Buffalo Bills are 3-4 right now, but their team is better than the record shows. Tyrod Taylor, the Bills starting quarterback, is coming back from an injury this weekend. Last time the Bills and Dolphins squared off, Taylor picked apart Miami’s defense scoring 41 points against them. He threw for 277 yards and had 3 touchdowns last time they played. He made plays with his arm and legs.

 It is important that the dolphins defense not allow Taylor to get outside of the pocket and extend plays. The Dolphins must contain him and force him to make throws into heavy coverage. He also has the ability to run and that could be a major problem for the Dolphins. He has hurt so many teams with his legs. He almost has 200 yards rushing on 31 carries. If the dolphins can keep him inside the pocket and not allow him to make plays with his legs, the dolphins defense could really help out the offense by giving them a short field to work with.

I believe Miami’s offense will play well. I think they will find that running game again and I think Ryan Tannehill will be hitting his receivers and allow them to make plays. The Bills Defensive Line is one of the best in the league and they are more than capable of applying heavy pressure. Tannehill needs to get the ball out of his hand quickly and make sure to not take a sack. Miami’s offense really has to flow against the Bills because one sack, or any tackle behind the line of scrimmage can disrupt the rhythm of the offense and it will easily electrify the Bills fans.

This is a huge game for each team. Both teams are one win away from being in the playoffs and even though it’s just the middle of the season this one game will most likely determine, which of these two teams will earn the playoff spot. The Bills are nice and fresh after coming off their bye week and the Dolphins are a bit beat up after playing the Patriots. Tyrod Taylor is finally back and has had plenty of time to get back into the swing of things with the bye week allowing him extra practice and rest.

 I hate to say it, but I don’t think the Dolphins will win this game. Buffalo’s defense is too good to have a quarterback play flawlessly against them. Also Miami’s defense is young and it will be hard for them to play without their biggest game changer and leader. Without Cameron Wake, it is likely that Tyrod Taylor will extend plays and escape the pocket when it collapses using his speed to pick up yards. Miami will try everything it can knowing how important this game is. I think the score will be Bills 28 Dolphins 20.


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