Miami Dolphins 1972 Season In Jeopardy?

Now that Sunday’s key matchup's were played on Thursday and Sunday. Only three teams are in position to run the table for that perfect season.

In my personal opinion I do not think a team will go undefeated in the regular season this year, but I have also learned to never say never, it may come down to the last game in the regular season.

The Cincinnati Bengals are playing some awesome football on both sides of the ball and their head coach is in the running for coach of the year.  The 8-0 Bengals look like a team that could go undefeated and win the Super Bowl this year, BUT I think not… The Bengals schedule does not favor this as I believe they will lose to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 11.  If they manage to win this contest, The Denver Broncos have the next shot of knocking the Bengals off this record.

Like many others, I am not a believer in the Cam Newton hype and the Carolina Panthers.  Their last couple of games have not been their best games (barring Sunday's beat down on the Packers at home).  Two weeks ago the Indianapolis Colts almost upset the Panthers.  Yes they won that game by three, but last Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, they should not have walked out of that stadium with that win after nearly giving up a huge lead at the end of the game for the second straight week.  Upcoming for the Panthers is a great matchup with the Dallas Cowboys in week 12.  Quarterback Tony Romo has been waiting to get back on the field and he is slated for this game for his return.  With a healthy Romo and wide receiver Dez Bryant the Cowboys WILL win this game.  Again, if for some reason the Carolina Panthers squeak off a win.  The Atlanta Falcons play the Panther’s two more times and they will not beat this Falcons team twice.

When it comes to the New England Patriots, this one hurts me.  It actually crushes me, cause this is the one team I can see actually doing this feet that no other team OTHER than the 1972 Miami Dolphins have done.  The Patriots remaining schedule does give them the opportunity to go undefeated in the season, but as before when the Patriots went undefeated in the season they DID NOT cap it off with a Super Bowl win.

The New England Patriots toughest matchup will be in week 12 where the Denver Broncos hopefully will end there win streak and keep the Dolphins' record safe.

Would it not be awesome and give the Miami Dolphins fan base a gift if the Patriots were to go undefeated till that last week in the season, where the Undefeated New England Patriots play the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium and have the mighty Dolphins knock off the Patriots.  Miami will end their run at the perfect season and solidify the greatness of the Undefeated 1972 Super Bowl Champions Miami Dolphins.


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