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Dolphins at Eagles Preview

Blanton Stagno breaks down the Dolphins and Eagles this Sunday.

The Miami Dolphins are no longer on cloud 9. They have proved themselves against the weaker teams in the NFL, but have long ways to come before they can hang with the top tier teams. It is halfway through the season and Miami sits at 3-5, while the Bills, their main playoff opponent is 4-4 and in the mix for the playoffs. The good news is that Miami is not far behind them. The bad news is, Tyrod Taylor is back for the Bills and when he is playing the Bills are one of those powerhouse teams. Miami can only hope to win this week as it is clear at the moment that they do not control their own destiny.

            The Dolphins will visit Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday to take on a tough Eagles team. After a shaky start to the season, the Eagles seem to be on the same page finally. Last weak, they burned a solid Cowboys defense for 33 points in route to their fourth victory of the season. Sam Bradford, quarterback for the Eagles, threw for almost 300 yards and had a touchdown to go with it. Demarco Murray, running back for the Eagles ran the ball well 18 times for 83 yards and had a touchdown as well. Miami is really going to have to bring it against this Eagles team if they want to have any chance at a win.

            The Dolphins must focus on their run defense. They currently have the second worst run defense in the NFL right now. They give up an average of 142 yards a game. Last week against the Bills they gave up 266. LeSean McCoy rushed for 112 yards on 16 attempts including a touchdown against the Dolphins. McCoy has had an unanticipated rough season this year after leaving the Eagles. This is interesting because Demarco Murray has had a rough season as well now that he is on the eagles. McCoy and Murray have both had very similar seasons and it worries me that the Dolphins allowed McCoy to rush well against them. If McCoy rushed well against the struggling Dolphins defense, I wouldn’t be surprised if Demarco Murray did the exact same thing. What worries me more is that LeSean McCoy’s backup, Carlos Williams rushed for 110 yards on only 9 attempts. He also had two touchdowns. In total the Dolphins allowed the Bills to run for 266 yards. I would not be surprised if Demarco Murray who is a very skilled running back put up 200 by himself this coming Sunday as I watch disgusted by the Dolphins abysmal play.

            I desperately want Miami to get back on track. They need a good, solid win considering all three of their wins have been against teams below .500. A win against the Eagles could be a huge boost to the team’s confidence and moral. Unfortunately, I think the Dolphins will play tough, but in the end loose to the Eagles due to a good game by Demarco Murray. To fix a whole run defense in one week is just not enough time. Eagles 28 Dolphins 24.


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