Could The Miami Dolphins Go 7-0 to End Season?

Can you believe it? There is only seven more games till the end of the season, and the Miami Dolphins currently sit at 4-5.

Looking at the remaining games for the Miami Dolphins this season, I see the possibility for the Dolphins to end the season on an eight game win streak.  


First off, this Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, marks the return of their injured quarterback Tony Romo.  Sorry Dallas fans, with all the news that your team is making these days, I cannot see the addition of an injured Romo making a difference to your team.  I believe that Romo will not be in game shape and I feel that his injury is not fully healed, also wide receiver Dez Bryant is causing chaos as well as Greg Hardy is nothing more then a headache waiting to become a migraine.  Dallas has some serious problems on and off the field. With this game being at Sun Life Stadium I see the Dolphins pulling out a squeaker like they did against the Philadelphia Eagles and will win this game by 3.


Their next three games start with a visit to the New York Jets.  Depending on which Jets team shows up, I see the Dolphins hopefully fixing the big problem of being able to stop the run and getting a win on the road (in actuality a fix will not happen till the draft...but you never know).  The next two games are at home against the lonely Baltimore Ravens.  I see Miami actually running away with this one and beating the Ravens by 14.  I think Ryan Tannehill will have a great game, and rookie running back Jay Ajayi will continue to get better and better and be a solid backup to Lamar Miller.  Plus the Ravens nonexistent defense will not be able to stop the soon to be pro-bowler wide receiver Jarvis Landry.  Having a tough game with the New York Jets, the Dolphins biggest test will against the New York Giants.  Have this game at home will benefit Miami.  I see the Dolphins only chance to winning this game will be if cornerbacks Brent Grimes and Brice McCain are both 100% healthy and both are in the starting line up.  If not the Dolphins could lose this game by a huge margin.

I am not a huge Philip Rivers fan.  Never have been. Yes, I am going to be bias and say that the Dolphins will beat the San Diego Chargers by three.  This is because I am not a Philip Rivers fan.  That is all I have on this one.

With having the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patirots both at home, these final two games poise themselves of becoming two very interesting games to end the season.  Miami should walk away with a win against the Colts, but it will not be an easy game.  I predict and hope Ndamukong Suh will have a field day with the Colts offensive line and Andrew Luck will be on his back most of this game.  Dolphins win by six.

Now the most interesting way to end the season, will be to have the New England Patriots having won all their games this year and come into the Fins pond having a shot of becoming a team to go undefeated for the season…wake up Richard.  This will never happen.  The Dolphins know what this game would mean to the 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins and their loyal fans.  There is no way Tom Brady and the Patriots will walk out of Sun Life Stadium with a win.  It will be a battle, but the Dolphins will win this game with an Andrew Franks field goal and Miami will be looking at a wild card playoff game at the end of this season.

I can dream Fins fans, I can dream.


FINS UP!!!    


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