Is Dan Campbell Right For Dolphins?

Now that the road got a lot tougher for the Miami Dolphins to make the playoffs, Is Dan Campbell a good fit for the future success of the Miami Dolphins?

Since interim head coach Dan Campbell has taken over the helm for the Dolphins, there has definitely been improvement in the attitude and competiveness of the players and coaching staff.  Is that enough to continue with him as the head coach, or should the Miami Dolphins brass look elsewhere?

In my opinion I like Campbell’s coaching style.  He is aggressive and it seems he has the respect of his players and coaching staff.  I believe if given the chance to prove what he can do in the off-season, I think he will be an outstanding coach.  He just needs time to implement all of his ideas from the very start of the off-season and not take a team mid-way throughout the season when things were bad to start off with.  He needs a chance at a clean slate and time.  I know that word “time”, is hard to comprehend when the NFL is a win now league and not win later.

Be sure and watch the video at the start of this story, Linebacker Kelvin Sheppard talks about what he feels the rest of the season outcome will be and has strong praise for his head coach.

I am curious to what the Fins fans have to say about these questions…. Do the Dolphins stay with Campbell or look elsewhere?  Do they look at a Sean Payton, or look at the college ranks (cause that worked out in the past)?  Is there an offensive coordinator out there that would be a good fit?

Me personally, I hope the Miami Dolphins Brass remove the interim tag and make Dan Campbell the Head coach of the Miami Dolphins going into the future.    

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