Miami Dolphins New York Jets Preview

Blanton Stagno breaks down everything you need to know heading into Sunday's game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets.

 As of late, the NY Jets have struggled and so have the Miami Dolphins. This is a crucial game for both teams. The Jets need to win to show they are not to be taken lightly for the wild card spot. The Dolphins need to win to kee pace for the second wild card spot behind the Steelers. In order for Miami to win this game, they need to handle the Jets run, and contain Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

 In week 4, Chris Ivory burned the Miami Dolphins defense up and down the field. He ran for 166 yards. His impressive running, allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to call an assortment of plays that the Dolphins defense could not handle. Currently, the Dolphins are on the bottom half of NFL teams as to where they rank for rush yards allowed. They are still ranked second to last just barely in front of Cleveland. The Dolphins are allowing 138.6 yards a game. If the Dolphins cannot stop Chris Ivory then I would expect Miami to lose 27-14 again just like they did in week 4.

The Dolphins should use their linebackers to clog running lanes and stop the run. They can rush 7 because Fitzpatrick is going to look at Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall primarily. Fitzpatrick is not Tom Brady, his first option will not be a small little 5 yard dump pass, which Brady has made a living off of. For the reason that Fitzpatrick does not play like Brady is why I think the Dolphins would be wise to rush all seven. They need to stack the box and stop Chris Ivory. This will be their most important task to accomplish Sunday afternoon.

Both Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker had impressive games against the Dolphins in week 4. Brandon Marshall had seven receptions for 128 yards and Eric decker had four receptions for 46 yards and also one touchdown. It is crucial for Miami to contain these two wide receivers. The Dolphins have an issue when there is a great receiver on a team. They do a decent job covering him, but seem to forget there are other receivers that are talented as well. Against the Cowboys last week, they did a decent job covering Dez Bryant, but left Terrance Williams open to run wild. Williams recorded 4 receptions for 80 yards against them. The Dolphins cannot let big plays happen against the Jets. They played Eric Decker well, but left Brandon Marshall open. If the Dolphins play both of the Jets' receivers well, I know they will force Fitzpatrick to make some mistakes just like he did against the Buffalo Bills a couple weeks ago when he went 15-34 and threw 2 interceptions.

One thing that the Dolphins and their offense must improve on is Ryan Tannehill's  play. Over the summer he signed a 5-year extension worth 96 million dollars. The way he has played this year; Tannehill is not even worth half of that. He has been mediocre at best. In the Dolphins 10 games so far, Tannehill has a 63% completion rate and has thrown 17 touchdowns along with 10 interceptions. That’s a decent stat line for a college quarterback, but not an NFL franchise quarterback like he is supposed to be. It is clear that he needs to step it up. He needs to get the ball out of his hands quickly because he cannot run. He is a pocket passer and it is about time he showed us he’s worth that big contract.

I think this will be a hard fought game by both teams, but I think the Jets are still too good for the Dolphins right now. Expect Chris Ivory to run the ball well once again I think the final score will be 23-20 Jets.




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