Dolphins' Season Problems: Coaching or Players?

Now that the Miami Dolphins are all but out of the playoff run at 4-7. Let us look at who is to blame for their woes this season.

Some will say the coaching is the issue.  Former head coach Joe Philbin was an issue and it was well documented as to why he was not a good fit.  Interim head coach Dan Campbell in my opinion is a great motivator.  The players under Dan absolutely have respect and love playing for him, but his in-experience of being a head coach has shown through in game time decisions, which has cost many people like myself, to scratch their head and say HUH!!! For an example, in the last game against the New York Jets, the refs gave the jets a first down and it was clearly a horrible spot and everyone could see it was yet he never challenged a simple call like that.

Do not get me wrong ..I believe that if Dan Campbell was giving the team through the post and pre-season, and would have been able to hone his coaching skills to being a better situational caller.  I think he can be a great fit for the job if given the chance.

Do I see the Dolphins' brass agreeing with me?  No, I do not.  I think the Dan Campbell era will be over after the season is done.  With the firing of Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor, and bringing in QB coach Zac Taylor for the remainder of the season, it only makes sense that when the season is over the brass will be reverting Dan Campbell back to TE coach and Zach Taylor back to QB coach and shopping around for more experienced coaching at both important coaching positions for the Dolphins to have any success in the future.

Can the entire blame go solely on the coach’s shoulders, or should players step up and say, "Hey, hold on a minute maybe it’s my play that is causing some of this crap this season?"  Let us take a look at this statement.

Is Ryan Tannehill the future of the franchise, or should the Dolphins be looking for a veteran QB to take over.  The name Payton Manning will be spoken around the league I suspect after what is happening in Denver these past few weeks, or do they dip into the draft this year and score a bright young talented QB out of the first round?  I am not saying they should give up on Ryan Tannehill completely, but maybe, just maybe, he is a backup QB and not a bonafide starting quarterback.  One week our running back is an all-star, the next he picks up just a few yards.  Lamar Miller is as streaky as it comes this year.  I think they should shelf him for the remainder of the year, and go with the upstart rookie Jay Ajayi.  Ajayi has proven he wants a chance to prove what he can offer.  Now that the post season is out of reach, what would it hurt to give him the opportunity?

As for the defensive side of things, were should we start.  Yes injuries have been the key ingredient to the defensives demise.  Losing the great and irreplaceable Cameron Wake was a huge loss; the scary thing is that the Dolphins will probably loss him to free agency next year.  What about the center position, which has been a disaster from the get go, missed snaps, safeties almost every game.  Injuries to the cornerback positions have been a detriment as well to the defense.

Injuries can not be helped in this league and other teams have gone on to be successful and have made playoff runs, but when it comes to the Dolphins something has to change in player personal. I still hold fast that most of the players the Dolphins have on their roster are talented to get the job done, but some players have to be mentally and physical strong for an entire season to accomplish any type of feat in this league.

I see this question as being a two way street.  Yes the coaching is a sizable chunk in the pie that needs to take most of the blame, but so do the players.  When was the last time you heard of any of the Dolphins players being benched for a game due to poor play?  Maybe give Matt Moore a shot at quarterback, or have Lamar Miller be a healthy scratch and have Jay Ajayi run the show for an entire game.  Now that all the past coaches as been FIRED, maybe the present coaching staff need to send a message that if you do not produce on the field you could lose your starting gig and send a message that NO ONE is safe.    

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