Steve Mitchell

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins Preview

The Miami Dolphins are essentially out of the playoff picture, but hope to improve on their miscues to finish the season strong.

Once again another Miami Dolphins coach has been fired. I think everybody knew this was coming for former offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. He was unable to get the offense flowing early and the Dolphins would find themselves climbing out of a hole the entire game. One major reason the Dolphins could not run an effective offense is because Bill Lazor would primarily call pass plays. Miami’s offense is one dimensional. Now quarterbacks coach, Zac Taylor, is the new offensive coordinator for the Dolphins. Will he be able to fix Miami’s offense?The first step to fixing any struggling offense is focusing on the run game. The run game is what sets up play action pass plays, which can be major game breakers in close games. It’s a simple rule in football; the run sets up the pass. Bill Lazor seemed as if he had never heard that rule last week when facing the Jets. The Dolphins ran the ball only 9 times for a total of 12 yards between three different ball carriers. Those stats are absolutely horrendous, but the run will eventually come. Bill Lazor was impatient and the Dolphins found themselves in 21-0 deficit going into halftime because Lazor refused to run the ball.

So far, I have been impressed with Zac Taylor. He and Tannehill have worked together and have had a good relationship since Tanehill’s day at Texas A&M. Zac Taylor is going to let Tannehill call his own plays, which will be beneficial to the Dolphins offense because it allows Tannehill to read defenses and helps him develop. As long as Taylor and Tannehill stay on the same page and get back to running the ball with Lamar Miller I believe their offense will be solid against the Ravens this Sunday.

Another part of the Dolphins team that needs to improve a great deal is their defense, primarily their pass rush. Last week, they allowed quarterback of the Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick, way too much time in the pocket. He was able to get the ball to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker with ease. Both Marshall and Decker had huge games. It also doesn’t help that their have been rumors about Suh telling his teammates that none of them are good enough to play with him. Suh obviously has been frustrated all season and is having a hard time controlling his temper. The Dolphins defense is young and very talented. They are still learning. The last thing they need is their leader criticizing them. Hopefully the defense will be in sync this Sunday. I would recommend that the Dolphins blitz for most of the game. They need to find that passion they showed a few weeks ago and use that to hype themselves up and over power the Ravens offensive line.

There is no way the Dolphins can lose if the offense and defense are play great and feeding off each other. That is how great teams play. The playoffs are no longer in the picture anymore for the Dolphins so the pressure is off. They don’t have anything to lose so I expect to see the Dolphins come out with different looks, both on offense and defense. I also believe their game plan will be different. The Dolphins are hoping to develop their young players and get ready for next season. Dolphins 31 Baltimore Ravens 17.


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