Miami Dolphins Vs. New York Giants Preview

Blanton Stagno predicts Monday night's prime time game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants.

 This upcoming Monday, the Miami Dolphins will face off against the NY Giants,  who are desperately trying to hang on to their playoff hopes. Nothing would make the Dolphins happier if they stripped those hopes away. Miami is playing for pride. “Ruining seasons and getting wins” may now just be the motto for this Dolphins team. However, the Giants are desperate and it’s going to take a lot from the Dolphins to win.

Miami’s offense has been in a slump for way too long. Starting with that loss to the Patriots in week 7, the Dolphins have failed to score more than 20 points. They have one of the worst offenses in the league and if it wasn’t for stellar play by the defense, I have no doubt in my mind that they would have lost against the Ravens. Miami’s offense must score more than 20 points this coming Monday night.

It looks like Miami’s running game is back. Lamar Miller rushed for 113 yards and due to the running game being effective, Ryan Tannehill was able to run play action and bomb one down field to DeVante Parker  who made an acrobatic catch for the touchdown. Miami only scored two touchdowns the whole game and they both came off of interceptions by the Dolphins defense in the first half. Miami totaled 223 total yards, had only 8 first downs, and only one touchdown. They only had 61 yards in the second half.

It amazes me that the Dolphins came out with a win, even if the Ravens were banged up and have been struggling this whole year. No team in the NFL deserves to win with that kind of performance put out by the Dolphins. If the Ravens weren’t so banged up, I think they would have beaten the Dolphins handedly. I really hope the Dolphins have worked specifically on their passing game this week, because with that being an issue Miami can go ahead and put a check in the loss column for their game coming up.

The Giants do have the worst passing defense in the NFL, so maybe Tannehill will have more opportunities to throw down the field to Parker, or Jarvis Landry. The Dolphin’s don’t have anything to lose, so I think they should take some chances. Give your fans something to cheer about. Run a flee flicker, a fake punt, fake field goal, etc. Just run some trick plays. Miami is playing for pride and they should at least have fun with it, while hoping to ruin the Giants season in the process.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Eli Manning is much better than Matt Shaub and he also has a star receiver in Odell Beckham Jr.. I don’t see the Dolphins stopping Odell. He’s a terrific route runner with great speed and makes catches that earn him a number one spot on Sports Center’s top plays for several weeks (the three finger catch). Just a couple weeks ago he had a diving catch that he made for a touchdown and last week he had a 72-yard touchdown. Odell Beckham Jr. is terrific player and I hope the Dolphins can stop him.

The Giants are desperate and I do not see them losing to the Dolphins. Even with the worst passing defense in the NFL, Tannehill is mediocre at best. I expect the Dolphins defense to play well, but I cannot see their offense playing any better than they have. I think the Giants will win 20 to 13.


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