Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers Preview

After a tough loss last week, the Dolphins look to get a win against the struggling San Diego Chargers this Sunday.

 Last week, I saw a lot of improvement from the Miami Dolphins. It seemed as if they had recovered from that insane offense slump that lasted 6 weeks. Their offense was flowing and looked beautiful. Tannehill even changed some plays at the line of scrimmage, one which led to a 47 yard Kenny Stills touchdown. However, the Dolphins came up short because of defensive miscues, unnecessary penalties, and again going away from the run game in the second half.

If anybody out there that is interested in betting on the Miami Dolphins, now is the time to do it. This Sunday they play the San Diego Chargers who have only scored 6 points the past two weeks and have only managed to get 2 wins in their last 9 games. The Miami defense must be licking their chops at the opportunity they have this weekend.

 To secure this win Miami is going to have to run the ball. I don’t know what offensive coordinator, Zac Taylor is looking at, but its costing him his credibility and relationship with the offense, but most importantly Lamar Miller. Miller will be a free agent next season and he has had his ups and downs this season. He has been very effective when running the ball, but his offense coordinators seem to go away from it for some unknown reason. He only had three carries in the second half of the Giant’s game after an explosive first half. When they went away from him in the second half, is the reason I believe the Dolphins lost the game. If I was part of that coaching staff, I would make sure Lamar Miller stays happy for the sake of him not leaving Miami this offseason since he has been the most productive offensive player this season when used. Miami must run the ball against this sub par San Diego defense that is allowing 131.5 yards a game. Hopefully, Zac Taylor will be seeing clearly. I know that Miami sun can be a bit blinding.

 Look for Jarvis Landry to be a big target this Sunday. He played marvelously against Odell Beckham and the Giants. He was targeted 18 times and made 11 catches for a total of 100 yards. Landry is the best receiver the Dolphins have and I believe Tannehill will be looking for him numerous times on every drive. Landry has a total of 920 receiving yards this season. I expect him to surpass 1000 yards this weekend in his young, but very promising career.

 After that tough lost last week, I believe the Dolphins will bounce back. The Chargers offense has been abysmal and their defense has failed to be a solid counterpart to the Chargers effort this year. If Miami plans to use Lamar Miller, this weekend and the defense continues to be solid I believe the Dolphins will blow out the Chargers. I think the score will be Dolphins 35 Chargers 9.


Fins Up!

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