Dolphins Fall Hard To Chargers 30-14

With the Miami Dolphins out of the playoffs; The Dolphins open their last three games against the San Diego Chargers and were looking for a needed win.

What could be the last game in Qualcomm Stadium for the San Diego Chargers (the word around the league, is that they will be moving to Los Angeles next year) it would be nice to see the Dolphins beat the lonely Chargers at home.  Sorry not a Philip Rivers or Chargers fan in any way possible.

Safety Reshad Jones, had a great chance to return an interception, but the Miami Dolphins cornerback picked off a pass that needed to be picked off  (if you are going to throw in triple coverage you deserve to be intercepted – Philip Rivers) and ran it back to the line of scrimmage and because he did not follow the golden rule of intercept and tuck, he got it stripped and turned it back over.  Sorry that play made me very dishearted.

Late in the second quarter with the Chargers leading 9-0, Miami is having a hard time creating any kind of offense be, that in the air or on the ground.  In the first two quarters the offensive line cannot stop the Chargers defensive line from breaking through and putting huge pressure on Ryan Tannehill.  The Dolphins had 67-yards total offense with only FOUR first downs to end the half, the problem is the Chargers defense ranks 23rd in the league (when would be a good time to pull Tannehill and put in Matt Moore?).

The Dolphins defense let the Chargers who in 298 carries without a rushing touchdown break that notorious record by letting Chargers running back Danny Woodhead run in a goal line TD to make it 16-0 late in the second quarter.  The Defense let Philip Rivers continue to complete deep passes and move his offense into scoring position on almost every play, Miami’s safeties and cornerbacks looked so confused and lost on the field today.

Danny Woodhead had a personal TD party with the Dolphins defense; count them three, yes three touchdowns to the same guy.  That touchdown put the San Diego Chargers up 23-0 with 39 seconds to end the first half.

The second half was a long half for Dolphins fan everywhere.  As die hard fans it is hard to see our team in shambles and struggle to make plays on offense and on the defensive side of the ball.

The game got worse late into the third when center Mike Pouncy was carted to the Dolphins locker room, with what looked like a left foot injury.  Dolphins rookie running back Jay Ajayi got his first rushing TD to get the dolphins on the board to cut the Chargers lead 23-7 to end the third quarter.

Headed into the fourth quarter Ryan Tannehill finally showed some emotion and got mad at his team.  Why did it take so long, I would have got mad and showed some competitive fire when it was 7-0, not 23-7 and the game is basically over.  Sorry Dolphins fans, the question of, is Ryan Tannehill the QB for the future or do they look elsewhere?  This question has to asked and answered.

Correction in my early paragraph about Danny Woodhead having three touchdowns, mark one more down for a total of four TD’s against the Dolphins defense to put this game away 30-7.

San Diego dominated the Dolphins in every facet, and the Dolphins were never in this game from the get go.

Next up for the Miami Dolphins is a home game against the Indianapolis Colts.


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