Dolphins Wish List: CB Vernon Hargreaves

The Miami Dolphins desperately need a shutdown corner. Florida's Vernon Hargreaves may be that guy for the Dolphins.

All quarterbacks hate to see Florida Gators CB Vernon Hargreaves III on the other side of the ball. It’s like looking at the college version of Darrelle Revis. Hargreaves will finish his junior season with the Florida gators this year and likely enter the NFL draft in late April. Projected as a first round top ten pick overall, the Miami Dolphins would not go wrong if they selected Vernon Hargreaves.

You may be wondering why I think Hargreaves, a defensive back, is a solid pick when it is clear that Miami fans want to see more points on the board. The fact is, that with his skill, Hargreaves will improve not only the Miami defense, but the offense as well; he will challenge quarterback Ryan Tannehill to make tough throws during practice. At practice, Tannehill has been throwing against a weak secondary and consequently has showed no improvement throughout the season. If Tannehill keeps practicing against a secondary like his own, don’t expect him to make great throws against a Jets or Patriots type secondary unit. Vernon Hargreaves’s presence will improve Tannehill’s passing, and thus drafting him will elevate Tannehill’s play as Miami’s franchise quarterback and shove the trade rumors under the rug.

 Over the course of his junior season alone, Hargreaves III racked up 31 tackles and 4 interceptions in a total of 12 games, with one more to play. He sat out against East Carolina earlier this season due to injury but will be ready for Florida’s bowl game against Michigan on January 1st.

 Vernon Hargreaves III reminds me of former LSU tiger Tyrann Mathieu, undoubtedly one of the best defensive backs in the NFL. Despite the difference in positions, they both are top defensive players on their teams, outstanding at judging the ball in the air and playing tough. Although Hargreaves is undersized at 5’11 and weighs in at 199, he plays hard just like Mathieu. Look for Hargreaves to light up the field on January 1st against Michigan, and don’t be surprised if he is selected by the Miami Dolphins in April, depending on where the team picks.




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