Should Jarvis Landry Have Made Pro Bowl?

Congratulations to Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncy on making it to his third consecutive pro bowl. I would have liked to seen Jarvis Landry on the team also.

Not to take away from Pouncy’s accomplishment, but I would like to know why wide receiver Jarvis Landry did not make the team this year.

Individually Landry has had an incredible year at the wide receiver position from a statistical standpoint as well as being a spectacular playmaker, which he makes awesome moves with stunning catches week in and week out.  Not to mention that he has played some incredible football as a punt returner as a running back and in his home position as a wide receiver.

If one of the conditions is that a player makes a team better, how can you argue that Landry does not do this?  Look at his number so far this year. He has 97 receptions (which is a new season record) he has 974 total receiving yards and four touchdowns.

Here is some video to back up why Jarvis Landry should be in the pro bowl as a starter not as an alternate as he was picked to be.  More than likely he will be an alternate as a kick returner, I believe he should be a starter at the wide receiver spot.

 I understand all the NFL fans out there saying that his team is not good enough record wise to looked at, but the pro bowl is an individual accomplishment.  Just like other sports the most popular players make the “all star game” I believe Jarvis Landry if he was playing for a team with a winning record would be chosen as a starter for this years pro bowl.

That all said, he will be there as an alternate and I am bias cause I am a Dolphins fan but I am also a HUGE fan of the NFL and Jarvis “Juice” Landry has had an incredible year and his numbers alone should have made him a logical choice to be on this team this year.

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