Miami Dolphins Vs. Indianapolis Colts Preview

The Miami Dolphins will look to play spoiler at home against the Indianapolis Colts.

Both the Indianapolis Colts and the Miami Dolphins have struggled tremendously throughout this season. They have each had their fair share of injuries and quarterback issues. I believe the victor of the game this weekend will come down to which team gets better play from its quarterback.

Matt Hasselbeck has played well as Andrew Luck's replacement but has recently slowed down. His 40-year-old body cannot keep up with the lengthy and rigorous season of the NFL. Because Hasselbeck has been fighting through injuries over the past few games, it is hard for the Colts to get much production from the offense. Likewise, Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins have had a lackluster season. They were supposed to be playoff hopefuls, but after an 8-8 season last year, they will now be fighting to win at most 7 games.  

This starts with the quarterback and his offense.

This season Tannehill has a completion percentage of 61.3%; he has thrown 22 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. In college play, he would be a decent quarterback with those stats. However, in the NFL, this type of performance is considered mediocre at best and would usually result in time on the bench. It is concerning for Miami fans that in addition to not improving, Tannehill has actually gotten worse. Nonetheless, this Sunday, Tannehill has a good chance to get his quarterback rating up and raise his confidence level. The Colts are beat up. Earlier in the season Tannehill picked apart the Texans defense, and that very same defense is what held the Colts to only 10 points last week.

I like the Dolphins chances tomorrow, but it will be an ugly, low scoring game. Both offenses are struggling, and the defenses have had their many ups and downs throughout the season. I expect this game to go into overtime with a tied score of 13-13. Hasselback will be too tired to go on, and because Tannehill is healthy, I think he will make some big time passes and lead the Dolphins to victory. Miami 16 Colts 13 in an overtime victory.


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