Miami Dolphins New England Patriots Preview

William Stagno breaks down this weekend's game as the Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots.

This Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will host the New England Patriots. The Patriots have had a strong season and come into Miami with a 12-3 record. However, they are also coming off a loss to the New York Jets. Head coach Bill Belicheck wants to start off the new year with a win for his team. He also wants to keep his starters playing at a high level when playoff time comes.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins have had an overall disappointing season. They come into this game with a 5-10 record. The Dolphins have had both offensive and defensive struggles all season and have yet to find solutions for either. During the offseason, there will likely be a change at the head coach position along with a new offensive and defensive coordinator.

 Clearly, beating the Patriots will be a long shot for the struggling Dolphins. After a big loss to one of the worst teams in the league, the San Diego Chargers, and then a loss to the Indianapolis Colts, who had to rely on their third string quarterback for the entire second half to win the game, the outcome of this game versus the Patriots looks dismal for the Dolphins.

The Patriots play fundamental football and also have that big play ability. The Dolphins have neither. Earlier in the season it looked as if Dan Campbell was going to salvage Miami’s season with two big wins against the Tennessee Titans and Texans. Now those teams are average, but we all saw Tannehill make short quick throws to receivers who then turned those completions into a 55 yard passing touchdown. In those two games, the Dolphins played fundamental football and had the big play abil

 If the Dolphins can bring similar play this coming Sunday, they may have a chance at beating one of the leagues top teams. Nonetheless, looking at the way Miami has been playing lately, I just do not see that happening. Dolphins 15 Patriots 33.

Fins Up!


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