Dolphins' Coaching Candidate: Teryl Austin

Teryl Austin is currently the defensive Coordinator for the Detroit Lions. With his impressive resume, Austin could be a good fit for the Dolphins' head coach position.

In the collage ranks Teryl Austin served as secondary coach with his now head coach Jim Caldwell at Wake Forest in 1993.  He then went on to serve on the coaching staffs at Syracuse and Michigan.  In 2003 he served on the Seattle Seahawks staff and helped the Seahawks reach Super Bowl XL three years later.

He then took over as the defensive backs coach with the Arizona Cardinals in 2007, where he helped the team reach Super Bowl XLII in 2009.

After a stint back to the collage ranks as the defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators in 2010, Austin returned to the NFL as the secondary coach of the Baltimore Ravens where they won the Super Bowl in Ray Lewis’ last kick at the can against the San Francisco 49ers.

On January 16, 2014 Austin was announced as the defensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions, and is his present held coaching position.

Austin has a very good track record with helping teams he has been apart of in reaching the Super Bowl.  In Detroit he also had the ability to win over the locker room, which is a huge asset to bring to the Miami Dolphins, another plus is that when DT Ndamukong Suh played in Detroit and was playing lights out football and earned him to be the highest defensive player in the NFL, his defensive coach was Teryl Austin.  This chemistry the two have shared is only a positive for Austin in having a great chance at becoming the next head coach for the Miami Dolphins.  The Miami Dolphins as in a long list of head coaching jobs up for grabs for Teryl Austin.  The Cleveland Browns have him in an interview on Tuesday.  The New York Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Indianapolis Colts could be in the prospect for this greatly sought after defensive coordinator to become their next head coach. His only downfall is that he has never been a HC in the NFL, something fans are certainly skeptical of after the nightmare of the last three unexperienced Dolphins' coaches. 

The Miami Dolphins have set up interviews with both interim head coach Dan Campbell and Teryl Austin as well as others later this week, and have scheduled a second interview with former head coach of the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins, Mike Shanahan on Tuesday.


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